Ann Arbor Playgrounds with Bathrooms

Playgrounds with Bathrooms

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Are you looking for Ann Arbor area Playgrounds with Bathrooms? We’ve got you covered with the list below.

Access to bathrooms is a key component of any extended playground trip – or with a child just starting their potty training journey.

Every time we visit a playground, we take note of bathrooms. Although we check for port-a-potties, the lists below only include bathrooms.


See Ann Arbor Playgrounds with Bathrooms on a Map

The map below will help you find a playground with a bathroom near you – or near another destination.

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Ann Arbor Playgrounds with Bathrooms

If you’re looking for a playground with a bathroom, you will generally tend to find them at parks with more amenities that host events. Smaller neighborhood parks tend not to have restrooms.

Note: Bathrooms may only be open seasonally (typically mid-spring through mid-fall). Other bathrooms are open year-round. Parks with year round bathrooms tend to be those who share a bathroom with an adjacent indoor venue as they are already being heated.

Pittsfield Township Park

Prairie Park

Marshview Meadows Park


Delhi Metropark

Rotary Club’s Centennial Playground at Gallup Park

Veterans Memorial Park


Allmendinger Park

Burns Park

Olson Park


Island Park

Fuller Park

County Farm Park


Wheeler Park

Hunt Park

Bilik Orbach Playground at Gallup Park


Livery Playground at Gallup Park

Southeast Area Park

Hickory Woods Park


Mill Pond Park

Montibeller Park

Lillie Park


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