Ann Arbor Giving Tuesday

Support Our Local Non-Profits That Support Kids on Giving Tuesday and All Year

Today is Giving Tuesday, with the COVID-19 pandemic in its second year many of our local non-profits need our support. Non-profits that provide assistance to families are helping more families than ever. Non-profits that provide programming for our families have had to cancel most of their revenue generating programs, run them at lower capacity, or spend time and money modifying them for safety.

Ann Arbor Non-Profits Offering Families Support

COVID-19 has caused extra hardship for families with job losses, lack of child care, virtual school, and more.

Food Resources

Local Children’s Health

Learning Support/Tutoring/Social



With COVID-19 associated deaths continuing, these non-profits may see additional case load in coming months.


Events from our Sponsors

Ann Arbor Non-Profits Offering Kids Activities

Ann Arbor families definitely benefit from the many non-profits who run fun activities for kids. These organizations hold many activities that typically populate our event calendar.

I have broken them into several categories below.





Community Events

Local Giving Tuesday Events

Cookies for a Cause - Giving Tuesday
at Reinhart Office Saline, Saline Michigan

More Non-Profits

Of course there are plenty of other worthwhile non-profits both in Ann Arbor and nationally. However, we wanted to highlight a few that tare serving local families in the current condition and those who fit our mission of Ann Arbor family activities.

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