Family Movies to Stream on a Snow Day

Are you stuck at home with the kids on a snow day? We have pulled together a list of Family Movies to Stream on a Snow Day. We focused our list on winter themed movies that stream free with various subscriptions.

Family Movies to Stream on a Snow Day

We searched through the list at Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. I also flipped through my Comcast account and found a few that stream on networks like Freeform and HBO.


Disney+ Movies to Stream on a Snow Day

In my searches I found Disney+ to have the most winter or snow themed movies.

Of course we’ll start with the obvious movie – Frozen and various shorts associated with it. Frozen 2 may be available to stream by next winter.



Star Wars is a big part of Disney+ and Empire Strikes Back with its opening scenes on Hoth are a natural fit.


With Call of the Wild coming out in February 2020, White Fang and Iron Will are good choices.

I went looking for The Mighty Ducks. The animated series is available now. The first movie is not on Disney+ until July 2020, so it will be available for next winter. D2: The Mighty Ducks 2 & D3: The Mighty Ducks 3 will both be available in January 2021.


Other movies I found on Disney+

  • Cool Runnings
  • Miracle
  • Snow Dogs
  • Snowball Express
  • Ice Princess
  • Johnny Tsunami
  • Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe


The National Geographic section also has several snow inspired documentaries

  • Life Below Zero (TV-14)
  • Hostile Planet – Polar Episode
  • Wild Yellowstone – The Frozen Frontier Episode
  • Wild Russia – Siberia’s Frozen Heart Episode
  • Continent 7: Antarctica
  • America’s National Parks – Gates of the Arctic Episode

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Netflix Movies to Stream on a Snow Day

I was very disappointed in the movie options I found on Netflix.

But is any movie more fitting than Snow Day?

They also have a White Fang Netflix Original animated show.

Let me know what I missed. I searched for winter, snow, ice, and a few popular movies and did not find other options that were family friendly.


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Amazon Prime Movies to Stream on a Snow Day

There are a couple of movies on Amazon.

  • Bigfoot (2018)
  • Golden Winter (2012)

On Amazon I found a number of shorter TV length episodes:

  • The Snowy Day (38 minute Amazon Original based on the Ezra Jack Keats book)
  • The Snowman (1982)
  • Snowman and the Snowdog
  • Jack Frost (1979)
  • LOL Surprise! Winter Disco

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On Demand Movies for a Snow Day

I also searched my Xfinity to see what I have available for streaming or would if I subscribed to those channels. Streaming availability through cable networks seems to rotate even more frequently than the major streaming platforms.

  • Freeform
    • Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice (until March 2020)
    • Ice Age: Continental Drift (until January 24, 2020)
  • HBO
    • Snow Buddies
    • Mr Popper’s Penguins
    • Anastasia
    • D2 The Mighty Ducks
    • D3 The Mighty Ducks
    • MXP: Most Xtreme Primate
  • Starz
    • Ice Age: The Meltdown
    • Balto & Balto II
  • FXM
    • Ice Age: Collision Course
    • Penguins of Madagascar the Movie


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Other Snow Day Movie Sources

If you can’t find the movie you want a free streaming service, many can be purchased digitally through iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, and even your cable provider.

We have plenty of movies that we collected in the years before streaming. As our daughter gets older, we need to keep checking for movies she is now old enough to be introduced to.

The library has a great selection of DVDs and BluRays available. With a little planning ahead, you can have plenty of movies to watch.

More Snow Day Ideas

If there’s enough snow, you can make Snow Cream.

Don’t miss our list of Ann Arbor sledding hills once the roads clear.

A snow day is also a great time for a family game afternoon.

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Family Movies to Stream on a Snow Day
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