The Best Ann Arbor Sledding Hills

Ann Arbor offers a number of great sledding hills! Which is your favorite? We have reviewed several hills over the last few years.

Ann Arbor Sledding Hills

Ann Arbor Sledding Profiles

Sledding at Huron Hills Golf Course

Sledding at Huron Hills Golf Course
Sledding at Huron Hills Golf Course is a lot of fun for kids (and adults) of all ages. With a number of hills, there are options for everyone ...
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Rolling Hills -“The Best Sledding Hill Ever”

Ann Arbor Sledding Hills - Rolling Hills
This afternoon my daughter and I met up with some friends at Rolling Hills Park in Ypsilanti to go sledding. After some initial hesitation, as we were leaving she declared it "The Best Sledding Hill Ever!" The weather was nice for sledding as well - sunny and just below freezing so it never got too cold. The Rolling Hills Sledding Hill The sledding hill is fairly wide offering plenty of room for sledders. There was an area that was no longer snow covered, but it was still frozen so the sleds kept going across it. One of the best parts ...
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Sledding at Veterans Memorial Park

Sledding at Veterans Memorial Park
Are you looking for the best places to sled in Ann Arbor? Yesterday we went sledding at Veterans Memorial Park for the first time. The Sledding Hill at Veterans Memorial Park The hill at Veterans Memorial Park is a pretty good size. There was quite a crowd there while we were there. Most of the kids sledding at Veterans Memorial Park while we were there were older - mid elementary school through high school students. I don't recommend this location for young children. While climbing lines were not explicitly defined, most of the traffic climbing back up the hill was ...
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Sledding at Leslie Science & Nature Center

Sledding at Leslie Science & Nature Center
Are you looking for the Ann Arbor sledding hills? This morning we went sledding at Leslie Science & Nature Center for the first time. The hill at LSNC has been recommended by readers in our Best Places to Sled in Ann Arbor article ...
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At Home

We have a tiny hill in our backyard which is perfect for my daughter when it is still snowing and road conditions are not good. (It also allows me to stay indoors).

Ann Arbor Sledding Hills - Sledding At Home

Other Ann Arbor Sledding Hills

A few times I have suggested trying out new hills, but my husband prefers to go with the known (and the proximity to home helps). This winter I think we will give some other hills a try. Note, sledding hills at schools should only be used when school and before/after care are not in session.


Slauson Middle School

Several readers yesterday mentioned the hill at Slauson Middle School (1019 W. Washington St). This was the first time that I have heard Slauson mentioned, so we will add it to our list to check out this winter.

Buhr Park

Several readers also discussed Buhr Park (2751 Packard Rd) as a place to go sledding. From what I understand, the hill is better for younger children.

Leslie Park

Leslie Park has a sledding hill as well. However, one of our readers has recommended not trying to drive to it without a 4WD. Several cars were stuck in a December 2016 storm.


Ann Arbor Open School

Ann Arbor Open School (920 Miller Ave) has two hills that offer sledding fun. Mack Pool is attached to the school and is open during the winter providing bathroom access.

Northside School

When we visited Leslie Science & Nature Center, we drove by Northside and there were some people sledding in front of the school.

More Suggestions

Do you have a favorite Ann Arbor sledding hill? If we’ve missed your favorite, share it in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.



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