Free Comic Book Day 2024 Near Ann Arbor - Selection of comics from a past Free Comic Book Day

Celebrate Free Comic Book Day 2024 Near Ann Arbor

On Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) participating stores give away a selection of comic books. This year’s Free Comic Book Day is extra special since it falls on May the 4th – aka Star Wars Day (as in May the Fourth Be With You). I’ll be on the lookout for Star Wars Day activities as well.

Free Comic Book Day 2024 Near Ann Arbor

Find a comic book shop participating in Free Comic Book Day Near You in the greater Ann Arbor area with our list below.

  • Vault of Midnight – 219 S Main, Ann Arbor – 11a-5p
  • Secret Crisis Comics – 1161 S Main St, Chelsea – awaiting details
  • Fun 4 All – 3773 Carpenter Rd, Ypsilanti- awaiting details
  • Stadium Cards & Comics – 2061 Golfside, Ypsilanti – awaiting details
  • Comic City – 42727 Ford Rd, Canton Corners, Canton – awaiting details
  • State of Comics – 577 Forest Avenue, Plymouth – awaiting details

Awaiting 2024 Confirmation

  • Adventure Ink, Milan – They have participated in the past but are not on the website for 2024.

We have added Free Comic Book Day Events to our calendar and will add details to each listing as we hear about them. In addition to the free comic books, these events often feature sales, music, cosplay, and vendors.

Event Listings

Free Comic Book Day
at Vault of Midnight, Ann Arbor Michigan

Events from our Sponsors

2024 Free Comic Book Day Titles

The Free Comic Book Day website lists 48 titles available. Note: Not all titles will be available at every store and popular titles can run out early.

I’ve highlighted a few titles based on their appeal to kids.

  • Unicorn Crush
  • DC FCBD Special Edition
  • Johnny Quest
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Ultimate Universe Spider Man #1
  • Disney’s Encanto & Turning Red
  • Witches of Brooklyn
  • Pokemon Adventures Ruby Alpha Sapphire & Splattoo
  • Snoopy Beagle Scout Adentures
  • Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures Plants vs Zombies
  • DC Middle Grade FCBD Special Edition
  • Disney Maleficent
  • MAD FCBD Special Edition
  • InvestiGators – Class Action Sneak Peek
  • Monster High New Scaremester
  • Unico Awakening
  • Spidey Amazing Friends
  • Star Wars #1
  • Eye Lie Popeye
  • The Loud House
  • Asterix Olympics
  • The Night Librarian
  • Max Meow Katie Catsitter
  • Doctor Who

See a Comic Book Inspired Movie on FCBD 2024

Many years we have combined our Free Comic Book Day trip with a matinee of the latest comic book movie. It doesn’t look like there are any big comic based releases in 2024.

But, it is Star Wars Day and there are several Star Wars titles. So, a Star Wars movie is a great choice.

Disney+ is a great source for movies/shows related to the comic books:

  • Star Wars
    • Young Jedi Adventures is one of the titles
    • All 9 movies
  • Spidey and His Amazing Friends animated show
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies
  • XMen ’97

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles titles can be found on both Netflix and Paramount+

Past Free Comic Book Day Ann Arbor Experiences

In 2022, we visited Vault of Midnight and they had a great setup! There were outdoor vendor tents, sales, music, and cosplay galore. We got our comic books, enjoyed the street closures and had lunch at Taq.

The greatest holiday was in 2019 when Free Comic Book Day coincided with May the Fourth Day. We started at Vault of Midnight selling Girl Scout Cookies to attendees at Free Comic Book Day. But, made sure to wrap up in time to get our free comics, grab lunch, and attend a library event.

Free Comic Book Day 2018 at Vault of Midnight

In May 2017 we visited Fun 4 All for Free Comic Book Day. Then in October, we visited Vault of Midnight for Spooky Free Comic Book Day.

Free Comic book Day Haul form the past -
Comic Books include:
* Tick
* Wonder Woman
* Avatar
* Help the CBLDF Defend Comics
* Guardians of the Galaxy
* Secret Empire

In 2016 we visited Fun 4 All for Free Comic Book Day. With my daughter’s soccer schedule and our plans to see Captain America: Civil War, it was a better fit than Vault of Midnight.

Fun 4 All Free Comic Book Day - Punching Deadpool

In 2015 I made the video below from our visit to Vault of Midnight for Free Comic Book Day. We did have to wait in line a little over an hour, but Nerd Life Productions was there with trivia, green screen photos, and face painting/hair coloring. In addition to the Free Comic Books (limit of 3 per person), Vault of Midnight had a comic book sale in the basement with select issues priced at 5/$1. (And yes, my daughter wore the same shirt in 2018 and 2015)

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