Free Comic Book Day

Ann Arbor Free Comic Book Day Revamped for 2020

This year Free Comic Book Day is becoming Free Comic Book Summer. Free Comic Book Day is typically held on the first Saturday in May, but was canceled due to social distancing. By extending the event through the summer, shops can manage the event in a way to decrease crowds.

Changes for Free Comic Book Summer 2020

Free Comic Book Summer will start July 15 and run through September 9.

In a typical year, participating comic shops receive all titles at once for Free Comic Book Day. This year, each shop will receive 5-6 comics a week. Each shop will determine how they distribute comics. They may make all comics available on one day of the week or release them one day at a time.


Ann Arbor Free Comic Book Day 2020 Locations

Several local comic book shops are listed on the Free Comic Book Day as participating locations:

  • Vault of Midnight – 219 S Main, Ann Arbor
  • Fun 4 All – 3773 Carpenter Rd, Ypsilanti
  • Stadium Cards & Comics – 2061 Golfside, Ypsilanti
  • Secret Crisis Comics – 1161 S Main St, Chelsea
  • Adventure, Ink – 1 West Main St Suite 2, Milan
  • Comic City – 42727 Ford Rd, Canton Corners, Canton

2020 Free Comic Book Summer Plans

Local comic stores can decide how they will handle the distribution of Free Comics this summer.

Secret Crisis Comics (Chelsea) will be handing them out as they arrive. Check their Facebook Page for details each week.

Other shops have not announced details. We will check back next week and contact them for details before July 15 if needed.

We have attended Free Comic Book Day for years at both Vault of Midnight and Fun 4 All. Our family is serious about social distancing, so we will likely only attend the summer event if we can do curbside pickup (maybe by the September release we will go inside).


Free Comic Book Summer Titles

The Free Comic Book Day website lists 45 titles available. For my daughter, I know she will want Stranger Things (July 29) and Legend of Zelda (September 9). That gives us a few weeks to find out how the Free Comic Book distribution is going before taking a trip.

Past Ann Arbor Free Comic Book Day Experiences

In 2019 we were at Vault of Midnight selling Girl Scout Cookies to attendees at Free Comic Book Day. Since it was also May the Fourth, we made sure to wrap up in time to get our free comics, have lunch, and attend a library event.

Free Comic Book Day 2018 at Vault of Midnight

In 2018 we went to Vault of Midnight for Free Comic Book Day. They had a new layout with the comic books downstairs that made the process much more efficient. 

In May 2017 we visited Fun 4 All for Free Comic Book Day. Then in October, we visited Vault of Midnight for Spooky Free Comic Book Day.

In 2016 we visited Fun 4 All for Free Comic Book Day. With my daughter’s soccer schedule and our plans to see Captain America: Civil War, it was a better fit than Vault of Midnight.

Fun 4 All Free Comic Book Day - Punching Deadpool


In 2015 I made the video below from our visit to Vault of Midnight for Free Comic Book Day. We did have to wait in line a little over an hour, but Nerd Life Productions was there with trivia, green screen photos, and face painting/hair coloring. In addition to the Free Comic Books (limit of 3 per person), Vault of Midnight had a comic book sale in the basement with select issues priced at 5/$1. (And yes, my daughter was able to wear the same shirt in 2018 and 2015)

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