Fun 4 All Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day at Fun 4 All

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Today is Free Comic Book Day. In between balancing soccer, Free Comic Book Day, Captain America: Civil War, and Mother’s Day commitments tomorrow, stopping at Fun 4 All on Carpenter Rd between soccer and our movie tickets was the most logical option.

Fun 4 All Free Comic Book Day

We arrived at Fun 4 All for Free Comic Book Day around 11a and were thrilled that they weren’t crowded.

The Free Comics were displayed on tables in the back portion of the store that is used for gaming. The titles each had numbers and they had scraps of cardboard boxes available to write the numbers of the comics that you wanted. Each person was allowed to pick 3 titles unless they had a Fun 4 All subscription.


We checked out the 60 available titles and as a family selected 9 (3 for each of us). My daughter selected DC Super Hero Girls and Pokemon. We also selected Suicide Squad, Civil War II, a Captain America Book, and a few others.

Once we made our selections, we took our scraps to the counter to redeem our comics. Deadpool was greeting customers as staff pulled out your comic selections.

I found the process quite efficient. We felt like we could take our time browsing the titles and then the staff could efficiently fulfill our orders.

After redeeming our comics, my daughter and husband browsed through the store while I ran next door to Target.

Did you visit a store for Free Comic Book Day? How was your experience?

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