Ann Arbor Free Comic Book Day 2016

Free Comic Book Day at Vault of Midnight

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We have attended Free Comic Book Day the last couple of years at Fun 4 All. Since Free Comic Book Day usually corresponds to Graduation Weekend, we tend to avoid downtown Ann Arbor. This year we needed to be downtown in the afternoon, so we decided to head downtown early and visit Vault of Midnight. I made this video of our Free Comic Book Day Experience.


After my daughter’s 9a soccer game, we went straight downtown. We were able to find a spot in one of our typical free parking locations. I knew Vault of Midnight would have an outdoor line, but as we approached I was surprised to see that it extended north on Main to Washington and east about 100 feet down Washington.


Fortunately the weather was gorgeous so there was no problem with being outside. While we waited in line, there was entertainment from Vault of Midnight and Nerd Life Productions. We all enjoyed the trivia. My daughter answered one of the questions (about the game Guess Who?) and earned an extra free comic book – a preview of MARVEL’s Secret Wars line.


While my husband stayed in line, I took my daughter up to the Nerd Life Productions booth where they were taking Green Screen photos to place on a Free Comics Vault of Midnight cover. We are waiting for the pictures to be uploaded to their Facebook page. She also had her hair painted there. They were also offering face painting, but she opted for streaks in her hair.


We did wait a little over an hour to get to the free comic wall. There are special issues just for Free Comics Day. Each person was allowed to pick 3 comics so our family selected 9 titles.



Once we selected our free comics, we headed downstairs to the Sales Grotto. My husband perused the 5/$1 comics and picked up 16 issues. Not bad for $3.20 when the original list price of some issues was $3.99.


While we enjoyed visiting Vault of Midnight for Free Comic Book Day, I am not sure if we will return next year because of the line. We may try Fun 4 All again. Although I did hear from a friend that they were fairly picked over by the afternoon.

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