YpsiGLOW - Dance Party

YpsiGLOW Wrap-Up

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WonderFool Productions, the group behind Ann Arbor’s FestiFools and FoolMoon, started YpsiGLOW in 2016. YpsiGLOW is a celebration of Halloween. Guests are invited to come with glowing costumes, lanterns, and more. The 2017 YpsiGLOW is on Friday, October 27.

YpsiGLOW - Dance Party

YpsiGLOW 2016 Details

YpsiGLOW was held on Thursday, October 27 from 6:30-9p. The majority of the festivities took place on Washington St. Throughout October, there were several events in Ypsilanti to create costumes, clothing, and lanterns for YpsiGLOW.

My daughter and I arrived at YpsiGLOW around 7p and stayed for about 30 minutes. On our way out we ran into a former classmate and stopped to chat for a few minutes.

YpsiGLOW - Cat Mask


The evening started with Downtown Ypsilanti Trick or Treat and events in the Courtyard at the Downtown Branch of Ypsilanti District Library.

YpsiGLOW 2016 Activities

The focal point of YpsiGLOW was the dance party taking place in the middle of Washington St. My daughter isn’t much for dancing, so we watched for a few minutes before moving on.

YpsiGLOW - Shadow Puppet

Our favorite activity was the Bad Artist Studio. Guests were asked to pick a body part (head, torso, legs) and then those were assembled into drawings on doors.

YpsiGLOW - Bad Artist Drawings

There was also face painting available. YpsiGLOW merchandise was also available for purchase.

Suggestions for YpsiGLOW 2017

I have a couple of suggestions for YpsiGLOW 2017. First, I would love to see the event moved to a Friday or Saturday night to make it easier for families to attend,

I’d like to see a different location for the event. While Washington St is easy to close to vehicular traffic, it is a relatively short block. As the event gains popularity, it will quickly outgrown this one block. Also, the presence of Deja Vu on the block does not contribute to a family-atmosphere.

Your Thoughts

Did you go to YpsiGLOW? What was your favorite part? Do you have any suggestions for next year?


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