Ann Arbor Zero Waste Challenge

Ann Arbor Zero Waste Challenge Starts Monday

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LiveZeroWaste is holding a Zero Waste Challenge the week of June 5-11. This is a great way to get kids involved in environmental sustainability. Kids can help with shopping, volunteering, and discussing how to make changes.

Ann Arbor Zero Waste Challenge


During the challenge, try to minimize how much waste and recycling you generate. Throughout the week you will get tips on how to reduce your waste.

Don’t miss the Mayor’s Green Fair on Friday, June 10.

Read the Announcement

Join the Zero Waste Challenge!

Live Zero Waste is hosting a citywide zero waste challenge the week of June 5th! The week is a
chance to learn how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and support the circular (repair, refill,
reuse) economy in Ann Arbor.

The Challenge: Do your best not to create trash or recycling for the week of June 5th. That’s

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When you sign up to go zero waste for the challenge week you’ll get:

  • Entered in a drawing for prizes from local businesses
  • An email crash course in zero waste with tips and local resources each day of the
  • Access to daily seminars and workshops on zero waste issues and how to reduce waste
    at home

We’re excited to be participating in this week of environmental action, learn more about the
challenge and sign up at livezerowaste.org/a2!

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