Rolling Hills Water Park Lazy River

Rolling Hills Water Park – 2015 Review

My husband has been asking to go to Rolling Hills Water Park since summer started, but the weather and our plans were not cooperating. When yesterday’s weather cleared from the original stormy forecast, I suggested that we spend Father’s Day at Rolling Hills before our dinner plans.

Our Visit to Rolling Hills Water Park

We had a great time yesterday at Rolling Hills Water Park. It was wonderfully uncrowded all day (we were there from 11:30a-2p) with minimal wait times and no issues finding a tube when needed. The water was a little on the cool side particularly in the wave pool but not too cold for comfort. I bought a vehicle pass, so I am sure we will be returning several times over the summer. I created the following video from our trip:

Water Slides

We went straight to the “new” slide tower (added in 2013) and we each took a turn on the three slides. At that point, the staff definitely had us outnumbered…two at the top, two at the bottom and just the 3 of us. These three slides are all body slides…one twisting tube slide (yellow), one open twisting slide (blue), and an open speed slide (green). It was great having no wait! We also visited again later in the afternoon and practically had the tower to ourselves.

We also visited the “old” slides. For 2015, they have received a fresh coat of paint. The interior of both slides is now white with an orange exterior on the body slide and a blue exterior on the tube slide. Last season they had added painted instructions at the base of the stairs indicating which was the body slide and which was the tube slide. As of last year, the tube slide can only be used with a tube (you used to be able to use it without a tube). I cannot remember the height, but there is a height range where kids can ride on the tube slide in a parent lap. There is a minimum height to ride the tube slide alone or the body slide (I believe that is 42″).


Rolling Hills Water Park Slides

The old slides are attached to a zero entry pool that features a small kids slide that is just for kids under 42″. Parents can meet the kids at the bottom of the slides to catch them as they hit the water.

Wave Pool

The wave pool is one of my daughter’s favorite parts of Rolling Hills. When she was younger, she liked riding an inner tube as the waves bounced her up and down. Now, as a strong swimmer, she loves diving through the waves without a tube and riding them into the “shore” The wave pool is something that families of all ages can enjoy together.

Rolling Hills Water Wave Pool

Lazy River

The Lazy River is in the back of the water park and is also an activity for all ages. Don’t be intimidated by the sight of the bucket dumps, wall of water, and jets in the action channel. You can select the path without these spray features for a less wet experience. There are both double and single tubes available for the Lazy River so that you can navigate the lazy river with a friend or family member. The Lazy River is perfect for the kids who zoom through the course by walking their tubes or swimming, or the adult who enjoys a lazy ride.

Rolling Hills Water Park Lazy River

Snack Bar

Rolling Hills Water Park has a great Snack Bar that features fresh grilled burgers and boneless chicken breasts for sandwiches or salads. Kids meal options are hot dogs or PB&J uncrustables. They also offer Arctic Chills (flavored shaved ice), smoothies, and frozen yogurt. We typically plan to arrive close to opening and ride the slides before the crowds arrive and then break for lunch. For 2015, they have expanded the seating area at the snack bar to include several standing tables and added umbrellas to all of the tables.

Rolling Hills Water Park Snack Bar - Grilling Burgers

I love that you get a burger that is grilled fresh when you order (we each had a cheeseburger yesterday). I have also enjoyed the chicken caesar salad in the past and found the lettuce to be very fresh.


At 9, my daughter is a little old for the sprayscape playground, but she has loved it in past years. The sprayscape is a great place for kids to get wet and enjoy slides.

Rolling Hills Water Park Sprayscape

Visiting Rolling Hills Water Park

Getting to Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills Water Park is part of Rolling Hills County Park. The park is located at 7660 Stony Creek Rd in Ypsilanti Township. Reaching Rolling Hills County Park should be much easier this summer compared to last summer. Last year’s construction of urban circles at the intersection of Textile and Stoney Creek (and Textile and Hitchingham) resulted in road closures making it more difficult to reach Rolling Hills, particularly without using a dirt road.

Admission Rates

Updated for 2016

Rolling Hills County Park has a vehicle entry fee ($6 for county residents and $10 for non-residents). An annual vehicle pass is available for $30 (county resident)/$45 (non-resident). You annual vehicle pass is also valid at Independence Lake where you can visit the Blue Heron Bay splash park or the lake.

Admission to the Rolling Hills Water Park is an additional daily charge with the following rates:

  • Resident Rates
    • Weekday
      • Adult $8
      • Child (36-42″ tall) $6
      • After 5p Adult $6
      • After 5p Child (36-42″ tall) $4
    • Weekend/Holiday
      • Adult $10
      • Child (36-42″ Tall) $8
  • Non-Resident Rates
    • Weekday 
      • Adult $10
      • Child (36-42″ tall) $8
      • After 5p Adult $7
      • After 5p Child (36-42″ tall) $5
    • Weekend/Holiday 
      • Adult $13
      • Child (36-42″ Tall) $11

Kids 36″ and shorter are always free.

Water Park Hours

Updated for 2016

Rolling Hills Water Park opens at 11a each day. They are typically open until 7p on weekdays and 8p on weekends. They will close at 6p on weekdays through June 10 and August 22-26 and August 29-September 2.


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