Rolling Hills 2014 Updates

Today we went to Rolling Hills Water Park for the first time as a family (my daughter had previously visited on a field trip).  While there we did notice a few changes for 2014 which were much appreciated, although small in comparison to the 2013 changes – 3 new slides, new bath houses, and a new main entrance.

When the new slides were introduced last year, one of the things that I commented on in my review was the flooding that happened at the base of the speed slide. I am happy to report that this has been addressed with a larger drain and additional concrete sidewalks that are sloped back towards the drain. As you can see in the picture, the water is now contained to the concrete and is no longer flooding the sidewalk.

The old slides also received some attention as the stairs were re-paved and a new railing was installed. The new railing is aluminum and a huge improvement over the peeling blue-paint on the old railing. Additionally, they have added paint on the sidewalk before the stairs indicating which side is the body slide and which side is the tube slide. One negative change, is that you can no longer ride the tube slide without a tube. My husband and daughter discovered this at the top of the slide tower and switched to the other slide.

The last positive change that I saw was at lunch. We almost always purchase lunch at Rolling Hills. The one complaint that I have had in the past was the lack of a fruit or vegetable option. This year, apple slices have been added as an option. The apple slices are available for $1.50 or can be substituted for chips in a combo.

 I am very impressed with our lunch. Our family of 3 ate for $20 with cheeseburgers and chicken grilled to order. Our lunch included 1 pack of apples, 2 bags of chips, 3 drinks, 2 cheeseburgers, and chicken Casesar salad.


Admission to Rolling Hills Water Park is $8 on weekends/$7 on weekdays for Washtenaw County residents. Children 36″ and under are admitted free of charge. Non-resident admission is $10/weekends and $9 weekdays. There is also a $5/vehicle admission fee to the general park.

As in previous years, we purchased a vehicle pass ($25 as county residents). I had actually planned to purchase our pass in February when we went sledding, but the front gate was closed that day. The annual vehicle pass is valid at both Rolling Hills County Park and Independence Lake County Park. The price is unchanged from previous years.

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