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CLOSED – Colby Bounce – Wednesday Activity Spotlight

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Update: Colby Bounce closed in February 2019. If they reopen, we will update.

There’s a new bounce place in town! Colby Bounce opened at Briarwood Mall in June 2017. They’re continuing to improve their space, but the bouncers are open for business!

Colby Bounce - Entrance

Disclosure: Colby Bounce provided my daughter with a complimentary unlimited wristband in exchange for social media and this post. All opinions are our own.

Colby Bounce

Colby Bounce opened at Briarwood Mall on June 18. They offer 6 inflatable bouncers that include bouncers, slides, an obstacle course, and basketball. In addition, they have a toddler area and several arcade games.


Video from our visit

Testing out the new Colby Bounce at Briarwood Mall. Thank you for hosting our visit

Posted by Ann Arbor with Kids on Tuesday, June 20, 2017


There are 6 bouncers in the main area at Colby Bounce. There are two traditional bouncers, two bouncers with slides, a slide, and an obstacle course. My daughter enjoyed testing each of the bouncers – multiple times each.

Colby Bounce - Bouncers

Toddler Area

The toddler are is just for kids who are 1 and 2. The area has a bouncer with lower sides so that parents can see over the edge and possibly reach in to their children – at least if you are taller than me at 5’1″.

Colby Bounce - Toddler Bouncer

In addition to the bouncer, the toddler area includes a little tykes house, a tent and tunnel, and a horse rocker.

Colby Bounce - Toddler Area

Safety at Colby Bounce

Colby Bounce takes safety very seriously. They currently operate several mall locations and rental businesses on the west side of the state and in northwestern Indiana. Their injury rate is less than one per year across all locations and rentals.

To ensure safety, age limits on the bouncers are strictly enforced. The toddler areas are only for children who are 1 and 2. The regular bouncers are for 34″ tall and at least age 2 through age 12. No adults or teenagers are allowed on the bouncers. There are also rules about running, entering and exiting bouncers, and more.

Colby Bounce - Slide

In addition to safety, Colby Bounce is serious about cleanliness. They regularly clean their bouncers with anti-bacterial solution. They also enforce the sock rule. All children must wear socks on the bouncers. They have socks available for purchase if your child is not wearing any.

Visiting Colby Bounce

Colby Bounce offers several admission options. Admission for toddlers is just $3. For kids ages 3-12, they offer timed wristbands starting at $6 for 15 minutes, $8 for 30 minutes, and $10 for an hour. An unlimited wristband is available Monday-Friday for $12. With the unlimited wristband, you are free to visit for the entire day and may come and go. With their location at the mall, I love the option for a timed visit. It allows us to have a definite end to our visit when we are shopping.

Colby Bounce is located in Briarwood Mall. They have replaced MC Sports. They are located in the south wing near JC Penneys. Also in this wing is Olga’s Kitchen and Tricho Salon.

Make sure your child has socks when they come to bounce at Colby Bounce. A water bottle is also a good idea. My daughter was thirsty after she finished bouncing. We ended up stopping for smoothies at Surf City Squeeze on our way out.

What’s Coming at Colby Bounce

Colby Bounce has more plans for their space. They currently have 6 bouncers, a toddler area, and some arcade games. Colby Bounce plans to have party rooms setup in the next week. They also have plans to add an inflatable golf course. The inflatable golf course will be available to teens and adults as well as children.

We wish Colby Bounce good luck in their location at Briarwood Mall. While they have a temporary lease, they have a flexible business model that allows them to quickly relocate or adjust to changes in their space.

Indoor Bounce History in Ann Arbor

When my daughter was younger, Ann Arbor had two inflatable bounce venues – Xtreme Bounce Zone and Jump City. Both venues closed after losing their location and being unable to find a new location. Xtreme Bounce Zone closed in May 2015 and Jump City closed in March 2014. After 2 years, I am glad that Colby Bounce is filling the hole in that market.

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  1. Akasha Thompson

    Hello, I saw a correction that needed to be made. Instead of the bigger area being only for 3-12 years old it’s for children that are 34′ inches and 2 years old up to 12 years old.

    Akasha Thompson
    Colby Bounce at Briarwood Mall Manager

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