Candy Corn Fruit

Candy Corn Fruit Cups

For my daughter’s school Halloween party in 2015, I signed up to bring fruit since I knew that I would take the time to make it festive instead of just being “boring fruit”. Maybe that will encourage the kids to eat the fruit and not just the treats. Today I made “Candy Corn” Fruit Cups.

Candy Corn Fruit

Candy Corn Fruit Cup Inspiration

I was inspired by the colors of candy corn to make a fruit cup.

  • Yellow – Pineapple, Lemon,
  • Orange – Oranges, Cantaloupe, Mango, Canned Peaches
  • White – Banana, Apple, Whipped Cream


I found these Candy Corn Fruit Cups on Pinterest. The original link no longer works, but you get the idea from the image. I decided to scale each fruit cup down since I was making treats for 25 kids, parents, and siblings.

My original idea was to make them in plastic shot glasses. Instead at the store, I found plastic condiment cups with lids. The lids made them perfect for assembling at home and transporting to school.

Now, in 2019 along with many others I am trying to cut down on single-use plastic. In the Amazon ad above, I included both reusable plastic and glass options. Another alternative is to bring the ingredients and assemble on site.

Candy Corn Fruit Cups

I made the Candy Corn Fruit Cups with pineapples, mandarin oranges, and whipped topping. The first step was preparing all of the fruit. I peeled and segmented the oranges and sliced the pineapple. I prepped all of the fruit first so that I could assemble all of the cups at the same time.

Candy Corn Fruit Ingredients


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Candy Corn Fruit Cup
Candy Corn Fruit
Cuisine Fall
Keyword Halloween
Cuisine Fall
Keyword Halloween
Candy Corn Fruit
Prepare Fruit
  1. Slice Pineapple into thin rings (about 1/8") and cut into wedges that fit in your condiment cups
  2. Peel mandarin oranges and separate into segments
    Candy Corn Fruit Ingredients
Assemble Candy Corn Cups
  1. Place 2-3 slices of pineapple in the bottom of each cup
  2. Add 2 mandarin orange segments over the pineapple
  3. Top each cup with about 1T whipped topping
  4. Spread topping with a spatula and cover the cup.
Recipe Notes

I do not recommend using fresh whipped cream unless you will be serving immediately. I was assembling at home and transporting them to school, so I used the frozen whipped topping.

Candy Corn Fruit Ready to Go To School


Other Halloween Fruit Ideas

Orange O’Lanterns

Several times over the years I have had to bring fruit to my daughter’s Halloween parties. When she was in preschool I carved oranges into Jack-o-Lanterns. It was more labor intensive than I had expected, so I did not want to make this for her larger elementary school class.

Orange O'Lanterns

Candy Corn Fruit Toothpicks

Two years ago for my daughter’s Girl Scout Halloween Party I made Candy Corn Fruit on toothpicks with oranges, pineapples, and banana. I found that these also do not last well. The bananas start to brown and wooden toothpicks soften and break.


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Candy Corn Fruit Cup - Pinterest Image

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