Apple Chicken Stuffing

Apple Chicken Stuffing Balls

I love fall flavors…apples, stuffing, etc. As I was pondering how to best use all of the apples that my family picked at Wasem Fruit Farm, I decided to make Apple Chicken Stuffing Balls.

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Apple Chicken Stuffing Balls Inspiration

About 10 years ago I started to make an apple stuffing variation using cider and apples in my boxed stuffing mix. Last year I found a recipe on Pinterest for Spinach Parmesan Stuffing balls. I made them for Christmas and loved them. I was inspired to combine these recipes to create a version that includes protein to make them more of a meal option. I decided on chicken although you could also use nuts, pork, or turkey.

Apple Chicken Stuffing - Close Up

These are wonderful! They are the perfect combination of stuffing, apples, and chicken. I am seriously addicted! The best part, is that they can easily transition from a party appetizer, to a hearty snack, or even a main course just by altering the size that you make (smaller for a party appetizer, larger for a main course). I will definitely be making these again.


Apple Chicken Stuffing - Ready to Bake

Apple Chicken Stuffing Recipe

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Apple Chicken Stuffing

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