Ann Arbor Summer Food Programs Meet Up & Eat Up

Ann Arbor School Meals for Summer

With Summer officially here for school kids, our local school districts are switching to their summer food programs. Typically summer food distribution requires eating the meals on site. However with continuing COVID protocols, schools are continuing to distribute meals to go.

We have done our best to keep this information up to date. Please verify information at the links before visiting any of the pickup sites.

Map of Pickup Locations

The map will be updated for summer 2021 shortly


Who is Eligible?

The food resources below through the public school systems are for children up to 18 years old or any child with special needs through age 26. Meals will contain a balanced breakfast and lunch and will be distributed to children and parents/guardians. Due to social distancing, the meals will be packed to go instead of being shared in a community setting.

The USDA exemption allowing emergency food distribution during the pandemic was due to expire on August 31. On August 31, it was extended through December 31. At the October 14 Board meeting, AAPS announced that they have received an extension on the program through June 21, 2021.

Note, some districts require you to pre-register for a pickup to ensure enough meals are prepared.

Ann Arbor Public Schools Summer Meal Distribution

Ann Arbor Public Schools and Chartwell Food Services are continuing to provide to-go meals for pickup at locations throughout the district. If you have food allergy needs or cannot make it to a pick-up location, please call the AAPS Food Hot Line: 734-994-2265. They will continue distributing breakfast and lunch for 7 days a week.

AAPS School Lunches - Packed & Ready to deliver
Photo by Ann Arbor Public Schools – Used with Permission

AAPS is continuing with the once a week distribution that they started in March. However, locations and distribution times have changed..

Pickups are still on Wednesdays. The evening pickup times are gone, but Pioneer and Skyline both offer extended afternoon pickups. There is no need to signup in advance for pickup.


Pickup locations

Ann Arbor school meals during virtual learning are available for pickup at the following locations.

  • Peace Neighborhood Center – 1111 N. Maple Rd – 11:30a-1p
  • Peace Maple Meadows – 880 S Maple Rd – 11:30a-1p
  • Peace West Arbor 717 N. Maple Rd – 11:30a-1p
  • Coachville – 3423 Carpenter Rd – 11:30a-12:30p
  • Arbor Meadows – 5229 W. Michigan, Ypsi – 11:30a-12:30p
  • Carpenter Elementary – 4250 Central Blvd – 11:30a-12:30p
  • Carrot Way – 1731 Dhu Varren – 12:15-1p (As listed by AAPS)
  • Avalon Housing Carrot Way – 31 Carrot Way, 12:15-2p (As listed by Food Gatherers)
  • Mitchell Elementary – 3550 Pittsview Dr – 11:30a-12:30p
  • Scio Farms Estates – 6655 Jackson Rd – 11:30a-12:30p
  • Orchard Grove – 2835 S Wagner – 11:30a-12:30p
  • Avalon Housing – 701 Miller – 11:30a-noon
  • Avalon Housing – 1500 Pauline – 12:15-12:45p
  • Community Action Network
    • Arrowwood Hills Community Center – 2566 Arrowwood Trail – 11:30a-noon
    • Bryant Community Center – 3 W Eden Ct- 11:45-1:30p
    • Creekside Community Center – 3425 Platt Rd- 11:30a-12:30p
    • Green Baxter Court Community Center – 1737 Green Rd – 11:30a-12:30p
    • Hikone Community Center – 2724 Hikone Dr – 11:45a-1:30p
  • Pioneer High School – 601 W Stadium – 11:30a-4:30p (please call 734-994-2265 after 1p)
  • Skyline High School – 2552 N. Maple Rd – 11:30a-4:30p (please call 734-994-7085 after 1p)
  • Huron High School – 2727 Fuller Rd – 11:30a-1:30p (through July 7)
  • AA Open at Mack – 920 Miller Rd – 1:30-2:30p (starting July 7 through July 28)
AAPS School Lunch Delivery
Photo by Ann Arbor Public Schools – Used with Permission

If you have food allergy needs or cannot make it to a pickup, contact the district at 734-994- 2265.

Other Ann Arbor Distribution Sites

Food Gatherers also lists a few other pickup sites in Ann Arbor that aren’t listed on AAPS

  • Evergreen Apartments (Mobile Site) – 3089 Woodland Hills – Tuesdays – 11:30a-12:30p (June 22-August 17)
  • Glencoe Hills Apartments (Mobile Site) – 2201 Glencoe Hills – Tuesdays 1-:30-11:30a (June 22-August 17)
  • Ann Arbor YMCA – 400 West Washington St – Mondays-Fridays Breakfast 8:30a-9a & Lunch noon-12:30p

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Ypsilanti Food Distribution

Over the summer Food Gatherers is administering the meet up and eat up program for several areas including Ypsilanti & Lincoln. They are distributing meals at various sites – both daily and with weekly pickup.

Daily Distribution

These sites offer children in their programs daily meals during the program. Other families can pickup one day of meals at the hours listed.

  • Ypsilanti Township Community Center/YMCA – 2025 E. Clark Rd – Mondays-Fridays – Breakfast 8:30-9a & Lunch noon-12:30p (June 14-August 20)
  • Brick Elementary – 8970 Whittaker Rd – Mondays-Thursdays – Breakfast 9-9:30a, Lunch 11:40a-12:30p (June 21-August 12)
  • Grace Fellowship Church/Sugarbrook Park – 1301 S. Harris Rd – Mondays-Thursdays – Breakfast 9-10a & Lunch noon-1p (June 21-August 12)
  • KC Child Care – 5435 Whittaker Rd – Mondays-Fridays – Breakfast 9-10a & Lunch 11:30a-12:30p (June 14-August 20)
  • Model Elementary – 8850 Whittaker Rd – Tuesdays-Thursdays – Breakfast 8:30-9:30a & Lunch noon-1p (July 20-August 12)
  • Superior Township Community Park/Summer Playground – Mondays-Thursdays – Breakfast 9-10a & Lunch noon-1p (June 21-August 12)
  • Lincoln High School – 7425 Willis Rd – Mondays-Fridays – Breakfast 8-9:15a & Lunch 11a-noon (June 21-July 22)

Weekly Pickup

These sites offer a weekly pickup option:

  • ACCE High School – 1076 Ecorse Rd – Thursdays 9a-2p (June 17-August 19)
  • Hamilton Crossing – 596 S Hamilton St – Wednesdays – 12:30-2:30p (July 7-August 18)
  • Roundtree Apartments (Mobile Site) – 2835 Roundtree Blvd – Tuesdays – 1:30-2:30p – (June 22-August 17)
  • Aspen Chase Apartments (Mobile Site) – 2960 International Dr – Tuesdays – noon-1p (June 22-August 17)
  • Parkridge Community Center – 591 Armstrong Dr – Thursdays – 1-2p (June 17–August 19)
  • Forrest Knoll – 693 Arbor Dr – Fridays 1:30-3:30p (June 25-August 20)
  • Golfside Lake Apartments (Mobile Site) – 2345 Woodridge Way – Wednesdays – 11a-noon (June 23-August 18)
  • Holmes Elementary – 255 Holmes Rd – Thursdays – 9a-2p (June 17-August 19)
  • The Villas Apartments (Mobile Site) – 2911 Bynam Dr – Wednesdays – 12:15-1:15p (June 23-August 18)
  • Schooner Cove (Mobile Site) – 5050 Schooner Cove Blvd – Fridays – 2:30-3:30p (June 25-August 20)
  • Sycamore Meadows – 1273 Stamford Ct – Wednesdays – 11a-1p (July 7-August 18)
  • Grater Faith Church – 670 Onandaga ve – Tuesdays – 1-3p (June 22-August 17)

Other Districts

Saline Area Schools

Food Service is continuing to be available at Saline High School (1300 Campus Parkway) in the Auditorium Entrance by the Bus Loop. Pickup is available from 4-6p on Tuesdays. They ask you to register each week to help manage supply. They are serving breakfast and lunch for 5-7 days.


Dexter Community Schools

Dexter Community Schools is continuing food distribution this summer. Food Distribution is Wednesdays from 11:30a-1p at Mill Creek Middle School, 7305 Dexter Ann Arbor Rd. Each week’s pickup includes food for 7 breakfasts and 7 lunches. For students attending in person, you can pre-order your child’s lunch. They are also adding home delivery by request for families who have trouble making the weekly pickup. Please contact them by phone (734-424-4186) with special dietary requirements at least 2 days prior to pickup.

Whitmore Lake Public Schools

Whitmore Lake Public School is continuing to offer free lunch this summer. Families are asked to signup for each weeks pickup. Signup is currently available through June 30. Pickups are Wednesdays from 9-10a at the north side of the high school.

Milan Area Schools

Milan Area Schools are offering weekly meal pickups over the summer. Order forms will be posted on their website Wednesday mornings, due at noon on Thursday with pickup the following Tuesdays from 4-5p. Pickups are behind Milan High School. To pickup, you will park and enter the cafeteria so pleas wear a mask. They are not sending weekly reminders..

Chelsea School District

This summer Chelsea School District is offering weekly pickups of meals on Tuesdays from 8-10a at the student entrance of Chelsea High School, 740 N Freer Rd., Chelsea (See the map for pickup procedure). Pickup dates are currently listed June 29-August 24.

Manchester School District

Manchester School District is offering both in person and virtual learning. Summer pickups through August 29 are available on Wednesdays from 2:30-4pat Manchester Jr/Sr High School at 20500 Dutch Rd, Manchester.

Other Options

Food Gatherers

Food Gatherers is a great resource in our community for families who need food. Check out their list of distribution sites and other resources for families who need food.


Additional Resources

If you know of other resources for food during the COVID-19 closures and summer, please let us know.

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