Ann Arbor School Lunch During Virtual Learning

Ann Arbor Free School Meals for Virtual Learners

All students receive free school breakfast and lunch for the 2021-2022 school year. Students who attend school in person get their meals at school. Virtual students still have an opportunity to pickup breakfast and lunches for home. For the Ann Arbor Public Schools Virtual Learning week in January 2022, AAPS is offering meal pickup on Wednesday – details below.

We have done our best to keep this information up to date. Please verify information at the links before visiting any of the pickup sites.

Who is Eligible?

The food resources below through the public school systems are for children up to 18 years old or any child with special needs through age 26. Meals will contain a balanced breakfast and lunch and will be distributed to children and parents/guardians. Traditionally the meals were to be shared in a community setting (school, common site in summer). However, due to COVID-19, meals are available for pickup for those not attending school in person.

The USDA exemption allowing emergency food distribution during the pandemic has been extended through June 30, 2022.

Ann Arbor Public Schools Free Lunches

After 18 months of providing pickup lunches during virtual/hybrid school and summers, most AAPS students can get breakfast and lunch at school daily. Meals are free and do not need to be pre-ordered. Previously meals were offered for 7 days a week. Now meals are only being offered for days school is in session (5 days a week unless there is a day off)

AAPS School Lunches - Packed & Ready to deliver
Photo by Ann Arbor Public Schools – Meals prepared for pickup in spring 2020 – Used with Permission

For students in the A2Virtual Village, Ann Arbor Public Schools is continuing to offer meal pickups throughout the district. Families of virtual students picking up meals need to pre-order them through Send Money to Schools. Instructions can be found on the Food Service website. Pickups are now available once a week at Pioneer (8-10a or 4-5p) or Skyline (8-10a).

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Virtual Learning Week January 5-7, 2022

Ann Arbor Public Schools is starting 2022 with two days off and virtual learning Wednesday, January 5-Friday, January 7. They will be offering a meal pickup on Wednesday, January 5. Pickups will be available at Pioneer and Skyline from 1-6:30p. Please stay in your car and wear a mask during the delivery.

For Pioneer pickups, please use the front circle off of Stadium Boulevard. Call 734-994-2265 when you arrive.

Pioneer High School Food Pickup Map

For Skyline pickups, please use the drive around the back of school across from the woods. Call 734-994-7085 when you arrive. I’ve highlighted two routes through campus to the pickup spot since Google maps incorrectly labels the stretch of road with the pickup as one way.

Sklyine High School Food Pickup Map

If you can’t make the pickup on Wednesday, they can arrange for home delivery. Please call 734-994-2265 by 4p on Tuesday, January 4. Deliveries will be made by school bus in 2 hour blocks on Wednesday, January 5.

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Other Districts

Several other local school districts include information on free meals for students not attending in person school.

Dexter Community Schools

Dexter Community Schools is continuing food distribution for families enrolled in virtual learning. Pickup is Tuesdays from 1:30-2p at Mill Creek Middle School, 7305 Dexter Ann Arbor Rd. Each week’s pickup includes food for 7 breakfasts and 7 lunches. For students attending in person, you can pre-order your child’s lunch. They are also adding home delivery by request for families who have trouble making the weekly pickup. Please contact them by phone (734-424-4186) with special dietary requirements at least 2 days prior to pickup.

Whitmore Lake Public Schools

Whitmore Lake Public School is continuing to offer free meals for students not attending in person school – those age 0-5, home schooled children, and children attending virtual school. Pickups will include 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches. Families are asked to signup for each weeks pickup. Signup is currently available through June 30. Pickups are Wednesdays from 9-10a at the north side of the high school.

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No Information Provided

I did not find information on meals for students not attending in-person school for the following districts:

  • Ypsilanti Community Schools
  • Saline Area Schools
  • Milan Area Schools
  • Chelsea Area Schools
  • Manchester Community Schools

If you live in one of these districts, have a child not attending in-person school, and could benefit from meal assistance, I suggest contacting the Food Services department at your school district to ask about meal options.

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Other Options

Food Gatherers

Food Gatherers is a great resource in our community for families who need food. Check out their list of distribution sites and other resources for families who need food.

Additional Resources

If you know of other resources for food, please let us know.

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