Ann Arbor Snow Day Planner

With winter weather, it is snow day season. Our Snow Day Planner will help you find school & other closures, child care, and activities.

Ann Arbor Snow Day Planner - Ann Arbor with Kids - Boy playing in snow

It looks like school is in session throughout the region today. But it is good to review procedures and camp options for future snow days.


School Closure Procedures

The first thing to check on a snowy day is for school closures. is a great resource for a comprehensive list of school closures.

The more complicated situation is what happens when snow arrives during the school day. A few years ago they did close school early. That was a logistical nightmare. I know our school required everyone to confirm what to do with their elementary school student who rode the bus. Even as someone who picked up their child, they still asked us to confirm receiving the message. My guess is that they try to avoid this situation.

Ann Arbor Public Schools Weather Closures

Ann Arbor Public Schools will call, email, and text your on file numbers. It is not unusual to receive a call around 5a. AAPS also has a phone hotline and posts on social media and their website.
Phone: 734-994-8684
Ann Arbor Public Schools on Facebook
Ann Arbor Public Schools on Twitter
Ann Arbor Public Schools Home Page


Ypsilanti Community Schools

Ypsilanti Community Schools will make phone calls to the on file number beginning at 6a.
Ypsilanti Community Schools on Facebook
Ypsilanti Community Schools on Twitter
Ypsilanti Community Schools Home Page

Lincoln Consolidated Schools

Lincoln School District aims to notify families by 5:30a since the earliest bus pickups are at 6:20a. Families will receive a phone call. There will also be a notice on the district’s website and social media.
Lincoln Consolidated Schools on Facebook
Lincoln Consolidated Schools on Twitter
Lincoln Consolidated Schools Website

Dexter Community Schools

Dexter Community Schools has an App that will provide information on weather related closures. They will also call and email with information on closures.
Dexter Community Schools on Facebook
Dexter Community Schools Website

Saline Community Schools

Saline Schools
Saline Area Schools on Facebook
Saline Schools on Twitter
Saline Area Schools Website

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Snow Day Camps

There are a few locations that run camps on snow days. When the weather looks threatening, check with them the day before if you need to pre-register.

If you have to get to work, you can also check with a neighbor or with your child’s friends – especially if you just need care for a meeting, appointment, teaching a class, etc.

Sledding Hills

A snow day is the perfect day for sledding – just pick one near home or wait for the roads to improve later in the day.

Ann Arbor Sledding Hills

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Other Closures

Before heading out anywhere, check the traffic map and for places that are closed.

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Activity Suggestions

Depending on the severity of the storm, roads are often better in the afternoon. In addition to sledding, the Ann Arbor libraries are great options,


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At Home Activities

Have you ever made Snow Cream? We had fun making it during a big snowstorm a few years ago.

Snow Cream

Snow Days are a good day to catch up on any homework or projects. Over the years, we have definitely spent a few January/February snow days working on a science fair project.

Snow Days are a good day for movies at home. A few themed movie suggestions that are available for streaming:

  • Frozen – Celebrate winter with Frozen- available for streaming on Disney+!
  • Surf’s Up – about surfing penguins is on Netflix
  • The Snowy Day – available on Amazon Prime

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