Summer (and Beyond) Reading: My Daughter’s Picks

My daughter definitely has a strong preference for non-fiction and Star Wars in her reading tastes. I just placed a book order on Amazon for some upcoming releases and thought that I would share her picks with my readers who are looking for books for their kids.

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Two weeks ago we were at Kroger when my daughter asked to look at the books section. Since my daughter loves playing on her soccer team, I tried to interest her in The Kicks Soccer Series by former US Women’s soccer player Alex Morgan, but she was not interested. Instead, she found the Junior Genius Guides by former Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings. I offered to buy her both The Kicks book and a Junior Genius Guide, but she only wanted the Junior Genius Guide. She selected the Greek Mythology Junior Genius Guide on that trip. We later bought her the Maps and Geography Junior Genius Guide. I just ordered the last Junior Genius Guide that is currently available: U.S. Presidents. There are two more Junior Genius Guides scheduled for release: Outer Space (October 14 release) and The Human Body (February 3, 2015 release).

There are two fiction series that my daughter loves and has been reading over and over…Origami Yoda and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The good news is that both series have a new book in the near future.


Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus is the sixth book in the Origami Yoda series and is being released August 22. My daughter is so funny arguing with me over how to pronounce Pickletine. I keep using a long I at the end (like a fork tine), but she insists it should be pronounced with a long E (to rhyme with Palaptine). I’m sure she’s right, and I’ll get it eventually.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul is the 9th book in the series and will be released on November 4. My daughter started reading these books from the school library. She finished book 7 and 8 on our spring break trip to San Diego. She read Book 7: The Third Wheel between the time we left the house and landed in Chicago so we bought her Book 8: Hard Luck in Chicago which she finished by the time we arrived in San Diego. Fortunately she was content to re-read them and some free iBooks that I downloaded to her iPad for the remainder of the trip.


Jeffrey Brown has two Star Wars series that my daughter loves. The first series that we discovered last year is Darth Vader and Son which was followed up with Vader’s Little Princess. The books take a comedic look at what Darth Vader would have been like as a parent to a young Luke and Leia. Every Star Wars fan family that we have shown our copies to, has ended up buying their own copy. The third book in the series, Goodnight Darth Vader, will be released on July 22 showcasing Vader’s difficulties in putting his twins to bed.

The graphic novel Star Wars: Jedi Academy< was released last August. My daughter loves the book and is eagerly awaiting Star Wars: Jedi Academy #2: Return of the Padawan which is being released on July 29.

Of course, my daughter went shopping with my parents today and ended up with 3 more new books:

She also loves her magazines: American Girl, Highlights, and National Geographic Kids. Don’t miss out on these LivingSocial deals for American Girl and Nat Geo Kids.

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