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Swing Away: Putterz Batting Cages in Ann Arbor

Are you looking for Ann Arbor Batting Cages? Putterz is a great choice.

About Putterz

Putterz offers batting cages, 3 miniature golf courses (18 holes each), and an arcade. Over the years we have played mini golf several times. 2019 was the first time I brought my daughter to the batting cages.

Previously, we have reviewed Miniature Golfing at Putterz. In 2019 my daughter and I visited the Putterz Batting Cage with her 7th grade softball team.

Putterz Batting Cages

Putterz has 4 batting cages. Softball pitches are offered at a single slow-pitch speed while there are several baseball speeds available.

I wish there was a fast-pitch softball option. My daughter played softball in both Ann Arbor Public School Middle School Softball and Ann Arbor Rec and Ed softball. By middle school, most of the pitchers throw without the slow-pitch arc and faster than the batting cage.

In talking with staff, they used to offer a fast-pitch softball machine, but it was less consistent with the pitches. They removed it for safety after batters were hit.

Putterz Batting Cages - Getting a Hit

My daughter and her team practiced with both the softball pitches and some baseball pitches to get a slightly faster experience.

Tips for Putterz Batting Cages

  • Bring your own helmet if you have one.
  • Helmets are available, but they are adjustable and not as comfortable as sized helmets. They were also baseball style without the facemask cage that my daughter and her softball teammates are used to.
  • Bats are available or you can bring your own.
  • Make sure to find a coupon to save on batting cage tokens.
  • Batting Cages are more fun with teammates.
  • Place your bat in the rack next to the cage to reserve your spot in line.

Visiting Putterz Batting Cages

Putterz is on Washtenaw Avenue in Ypsilanti. Their address is 2675 Washtenaw Avenue.

Putterz is open seasonally. They typically open in early April and close in September. Their current hours are 11a-9p Monday-Thursday, 11a-10p Friday, 10a-10p Saturday and Sunday.

Batting Cages (18 pitches/token):

  • 1 Token – $3
  • 2 Tokens – $5
  • 8 Tokens – $15
  • 15 Tokens – $25
  • 20 Tokens – $30
  • 1/2 Hour – $40
  • 1 hour – $60


Miniature Golf pricing (updated for 2023) is: 

  • 1 Round – $12/person
  • 2 Rounds – $15/person
  • 3 Rounds $18/person

They used to have a multi-round ticket that could be shared among families. I don’t see it on their website any more.

The Batting Cage has a minimum age of 8. An adult could play mini-golf with younger kids while the older kids are in the batting cage.

Money Saving Tips for Putterz Batting Cages

There are several ways to save at Putterz Batting Cages.

  • Rent a cage for $40 for 30 minutes or for $60 for an hour. Cage rentals must be made 24 hours in advance.
  • Join the Savers Club ($10) and get 5 batting cage tokens for $5. The Savers Club is $10/season. It also includes $1 off each mini-golf ticket.
  • Look for coupons. We frequently see coupons in the free mailer magazines.

More Fun at Putterz

Don’t forget to check out our Activity Review of Mini-Golf and the Arcade at Putterz.

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