Putterz – Wednesday Activity Review

This review of Putterz is part of our Summer Series: Wednesday Activity Reviews.

Yesterday my daughter and I visited Putterz in Ypsilanti for an afternoon of Miniature Golf after school. They opened for the 2018 season on April 13.

About Putterz

Putterz offers 3 miniature golf courses (18 holes each), an arcade, and batting cages. The three miniature golf courses are differentiated by color – blue, yellow, and red. We played all three courses and found them to be of comparable difficulty.


The arcade offers a variety of arcade games for fun or to win tickets. Of course, my daughter preferred to win tickets towards a prize.


The batting cages offer a variety of baseball pitching speeds as well as a softball option. We did not test out the batting cages since my daughter only decided to play softball yesterday after school and she doesn’t have her own helmet yet. (Due to lice, I prefer not to share helmets.)

Putterz is located at 2675 Washtenaw Ave in Ypsilanti.

Review of Putterz

When we selected Putterz yesterday, we hadn’t realized that Tuesday was an All You Can Play Day. Since we had about an hour left in the All You Can Play window, we decided to go with the Play Day option since it would give us a chance to check out all 3 golf courses and the arcade (unlimited mini-golf and 15 arcade tokens per person). Since the course was relatively uncrowded on a school day, my daughter and I were able to play all 3 courses in about 75 minutes. If the courses are crowded and you have to wait to start playing holes, it would take longer to play through the courses. It will also take longer if you have a group larger than 2. 


We found the Putterz golf course to be well-maintained. The moving obstacles were all operating and the greens were in good condition. Most of the holes on the course feature a combination of contours, blocks, and other barriers with a few obstacles featuring a windmill, alligator, fairy house, etc.

My daughter’s favorite course was probably the yellow course. It is the one closest to Washtenaw Ave. She made a hole in one three times on this course and only lost to me by one stroke. She struggled more on the other courses. It took her the first course to warm up and re-learn mini-golf since it had been a year since she last went golfing. By the third course, we were rushing to finish and I think she was wearing out after two courses and a whole day at school.

The biggest surprise that I had on the course was how much wind could affect your putting. There were a few big gusts that came up while my ball was rolling and altered its course. I definitely recommend waiting to visit Putterz when it isn’t too windy (or wet or too hot).

We had mixed reviews of the Putterz arcade. My daughter enjoyed playing the games. I also played a few games. Unfortunately, we found a few issues with some of the games. The Skee-Ball Game that I played did not always record the proper point total. And the duck punching game did not seem to work properly. We also enjoyed playing a game of Air Hockey even though we didn’t earn tickets at that game. The prizes were relatively reasonable for the 91 tickets that we had. My daughter got a back scratcher and an Air Head. If we weren’t doing an All You Can Play deal, we would probably skip the arcade on future visits.

Putterz - Air Hockey

Pricing at Putterz

Miniature Golf pricing* is available for: 

  • 1 Round – $7/person
  • 2 Rounds – $9/person
  • 3 Rounds $10/person
  • 10 Rounds, multiple players $50

Tuesday is All You Can Play Day for $10/person with unlimited Miniature Golf until 5p and 15 arcade tokens.  They open at noon in the spring and 10a in the summer. 

Batting Cages (18 pitches/token):

  • 1 Token – $2
  • 3 Tokens – $5
  • 1/2 Hour – $25
  • 1 hour – $35

*Note, rates are from our 2016 visit. I could not find mini-golf pricing on their website. The prices for Tuesday and Batting Cages are on their website and unchanged from the 2016 information.

Hours at Putterz

In spring, Putterz does not open until 3p on weekdays. Once school is out for the summer, they typically expand their hours.

Return to Putterz

My daughter said that she definitely wants to return to Putterz this summer. We’ll probably plan to visit on a Tuesday when the All You Can Play deal is in effect and maybe meet up with some friends.

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