Ann Arbor Playgrounds Are Reopening

Playgrounds are Re-Opening! Plus more Park Updates

Playgrounds closed as part of the safer at home order. With the order lifting, parks are able to re-open with social distancing. With this reopening, we are seeing a gradual reopening of park facilities – including playgrounds in some areas. Whether playgrounds are open or not, remember to practice social distancing while in the parks.


Playgrounds that are Open (or Opening)

Ann Arbor Parks – Now Open

Ann Arbor Parks announced that their playgrounds will be re-opening on Monday, June 8. As a reminder the city does not clean or sanitize the playgrounds. Playground visitors are reminded to maintain a safe social distance from those not in their families.

Saline Recreation – Now Open

Saline Playgrounds re-opened on June 2. In addition to playgrounds, benches, port-a-johns, and sport facilities are also open. It is recommended that play remain individual or limited to the same household and to maintain social distance. They city will not be sanitizing the open park features. Guests are encouraged to sanitize touch points before and after use. Pavilions, restrooms, and water fountains (for people and dogs) remain closed.

More features are opening in the parks! Please remember to follow CDC guidelines as the city will not be sanitizing the park features.

Posted by Saline Recreation on Thursday, June 4, 2020


Ypsilanti Township – Now Open

Ypsilanti Township has opened all of their parks, ball fields, and courts. Restrooms remain closed with port-a-johns available.

City of Ypsilanti – Now Open

The City of Ypsilanti is opening all of their park facilities on June 8. This includes playgrounds, athletic fields & courts, pavilions, shelters, and the skatepark. Social distancing is encouraged

Pittsfield Township – Now Open

Pittsfield Township Park playgrounds are now open! Be sure to maintain social distance.

Ann Arbor Public Schools – Now Open

Ann Arbor Public Schools is reopening the playgrounds at their schools for use by the public. They encourage the community to maintain social distance on the playgrounds. They also remind families that they are not cleaned or sanitized.

Washtenaw County Parks – Now Open

Washtenaw County Parks reopened on June 12. This includes County Farm Park, and the playgrounds at Rolling Hills and Independence Lake.


Park Facilities Still Closed

The pavilions and shelters are also closed at most parks. Ann Arbor is starting pavilion rentals in July. Restrooms and Water Fountains (including dog fountains) are not operating at many parks. Port-a-johns are available at some parks.


Playground Reviews

With playgrounds open again, be sure to check out our Playground Profile Series. We will be resuming the series later this summer.

Ann Arbor Activities - Visit a Playground

Playground Alternatives

While playgrounds are open again, many parents may prefer to avoid them as an extra precaution (I know I am not comfortable yet especially if they are crowded). Being told they can’t visit a playground they can see, is very disappointing for young kids. We’ve pulled together a list of local walks that don’t include a playground if you wish to still avoid them or limit your exposure.

Ann Arbor Walks without Playgrounds

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