Celebrate Star Wars Day in Ann Arbor

May the Fourth Be With You – Star Wars Day is Monday

Monday is Star Wars Day – May the Fourth (Be With You). As Star Wars Fans, we will definitely be celebrating this weekend and on Monday.

Celebrate Star Wars Day in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Star Wars Day Events

Since May 4th is on Monday, there are a few Star Wars events scheduled this weekend to kick off the celebration.

May the Fourth Be With You - Celebrating Star Wars Day in Ann Arbor

No Events

The Star Wars Baseball Game and Movie doesn’t fit into our family’s schedule. However, the May the Fourth Be With You: Star Wars Fan Day Celebration event at the Downtown Branch of AADL is at the top of our list. The library’s event description sounds similar to the celebrations that they held in October 2012 and 2013 for Star Wars Reads Day. We attended both events and my daughter had a ton of fun. She is also a LEGO fan, so the LEGO Star Wars Event at Toys R Us on Sunday is one that she would love.


Watching Star Wars

Disney XD will be having a Star Wars Rebels Marathon on Monday. Throughout the weekend, they will also be showing a trailer for season 2 of Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: New Yoda Chronicles shorts interspersed with their regular programming.

I looked but did not see the movies on network or cable television this weekend or Monday. However, Star Wars is now available in Digital HD. We already have the movies on BluRay (and DVD, and the original trilogy on VHS), so we didn’t buy the digital copy – at least not yet.

Reading Star Wars

Disclaimer: Ann Arbor with Kids is compensated for sales through Amazon links.

My daughter loves Star Wars books. The Origami Yoda Series by Tom Angleberger is one of her favorite chapter books series which concluded in 2014. She also loves the Jedi Academy series by Jeffrey Brown. The third book in the series, The Phantom Bully is being released in June. A new book in Jeffrey Brown’s Darth Vader & Son series, Darth Vader and Friends was released on Tuesday. My daughter loved reading the book yesterday. The series is a humorous look at the relationship that Vader would have had with Luke, Leia, and other Star Wars characters.

Star Wars Themed Menus

I haven’t worked out our plans for Monday yet, but I know there will be a Star Wars themed menu for at least a couple of the meals.


The easiest Star Wars breakfast are Princess Leia’s Cinnamon Roll Hair Buns. We usually have a package of the Pillsbury buns, so I will probably make these for breakfast. Another option would be to make French Toast with bread that had been cut in the shape of Star Wars ships using my Star Wars sandwich cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma. Of course with breakfast I’ll have to serve Aunt Beru’s blue milk.


Since my daughter will be at school on Monday, I will probably send her a sandwich with bread using my Star Wars sandwich cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma. For fruit, I would send Obi-Wan fruit ka-bobi’s, fruit ka-bobs. Another option are to use longer skewers and make fruit light-sabers as I found on Pinterest.

Star Wars Party Obi Wan Kabobs and Wampa Whip


Since we’ll be home for dinner on Monday night, I have a few options. I may fall back to the Princess Leia hair bun idea again and make Princess Leia Pizza Roll Buns which I made for my daughter’s birthday party last year. Another idea, is Dex’s sliders. In Attack of the Clones, Obi-Wan visits his friend Dex at his diner which serves sliders. For her party, my daughter also had suggested mozzarella sticks as Ewok logs from the battle of Endor. I may buy some mozzarella sticks to serve as well. Now I just need a vegetable idea. Maybe the broccoli forrest of Endor needs to make an appearance or a Dagobah Swamp Salad.


For my daughter’s birthday last year, I made a Star Wars Lightsaber Cake. While it turned out great and I would love to make it for Star Wars day, it would be too much cake for our family of 3 since it included a whole cake and a pan of brownies. Instead, I can modify the directions above to make two light sabers out of the 13×9 cake and cut the third strip of cake into the hilts instead of using the brownies.

Star Wars Lightsaber Cake


Celebrating May the Fourth Be With You

So how will you be celebrating May the Fourth Be With You? I think we’ll take a break for Cinco de Mayo and celebrate Revenge of the Sixth (although I’ve also heard of Revenge of the Fifth) on Wednesday.

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  1. How fun! We have a large comic book store in our neighborhood that goes all out. We enjoy Star wars day every year.

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