Jungle Java Canton Review (Ann Arbor was Closed)

From Jungle Java website

On Friday I was planning a playdate for my daughter’s class after school (morning kindergarten). We had been hoping to go to a park, but the weather had other plans. When I had asked about options prior to scheduling (Jungle Java, inflatables, swimming), Jungle Java had the most votes for the indoor options.

The Canton Jungle Java was about 25 minutes from Ann Arbor and relatively easy to get to. We arrived and my daughter took off running for the play structure as soon as I had her signed in. After an hour I finally called her over to get lunch. She had macaroni and cheese which she enjoyed. The kids meal was reasonably priced at 3.99 including a side and a drink. Side choices were canned fruit cup, applesauce, a squeeze yogurt or chips. I had the grilled cheese on a pretzel and it was delicious.

We stayed at Jungle Java for about 3 hours on a rainy day. It was never that crowded (during the school day). My only complaint was that all of the tables in the main cafe area were for parties of 2-4. As a group of 6 families, it was a little awkward. We ended up pushing two tables together for the adults and putting the kids at other tables.

It was a great way for my daughter to let off the energy that builds up during the school day. We stayed for 3 hours, and she crashed on the way home. If you are taking your kids by yourself, Jungle Java offers free WiFi. I did not attempt to connect so I cannot comment on how reliable the service is.


My daughter hated indoor playgrounds until June, so it is quite a relief to have her run off and enjoy it instead of me having to take her through the structure as she clings to me crying. After our last disastrous attempt in 2009, she flat out refused to go anymore even turning down birthday parties for good friends.


It seems many parents in my daughter’s class were not aware that the Ann Arbor location of Jungle Java had closed. In May 2011, the owners of Jungle Java were involved in a lawsuit over default of their business loan. One of the owners then opened Mocha Mountain at the same location and was sued by Jungle Java for violations of their franchise agreement. The Ann Arbor location has been closed since that time. Also, Zoobilee in Ypsilanti has closed as well. The two closest indoor play places to Ann Arbor are Jungle Java in Canton and The Chelsea Treehouse.
Update to Note (4/24/12): Jungle Java Ann Arbor has reopened as a corporate location in the same facility. New Zoo Play Cafe has opened in the old Zoobilee space in Ypsilanti. The Chelsea Treehouse has also moved from their downtown location and reopened in December in new space.

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