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HVA’s Magical Maladies Paramuggle Training

During Spring Break my daughter spent one day at the Huron Valley Ambulance’s Department of Magical Maladies Paramuggle Training. For a few years I have seen the classes offered by HVA. But when I saw a Harry Potter themed class, I knew my daughter would be interested. The class offered a nice blend of Harry Potter and First Aid training.

Posted by Huron Valley Ambulance on Thursday, March 29, 2018

Harry Potter Activities

After registering for the class, we received a parchment in the mail (sadly owl post doesn’t cross the Atlantic). But even the envelope bore the seal of the Department of Magical Maladies. 


Upon arriving, the kids each received their paramuggle uniform and an information packet. In the packet, they learned that the wizarding world is experimenting with some Muggle treatments. Once everyone arrived, they were sorted into houses. 

HVA Department of Magical Maladies

My daughter’s house developed a magical spell to cure eye diseases. Even the muggle treatments they were taught had some elements of magic to them. 

Lunch included pizza and butterbeer. After lunch, they went outside to play a game of quidditch (despite the rain).

Posted by Huron Valley Ambulance on Thursday, March 29, 2018

Muggle First Aid

My daughter said that they learned to make a tourniquet. She also said they learned CPR. they even got to work a defibrillator (that did not deliver a charge). 

Posted by Huron Valley Ambulance on Thursday, March 29, 2018

Since my father was saved by a stranger performing CPR and then a defibrillator from emergency services, I am very glad that my daughter learned these skills. 

My Daughter’s Thoughts

My daughter (age 12) really enjoyed the class. She said she would do one of their classes again. While I registered her alone, we discovered several kids she knows from school. She ended up in the same house as a couple of them.


My Thoughts

I was happy that she was as excited by the real first aid as the Harry Potter content. Her training was held at Eastern Michigan University. The class including lunch and snack was free.

Other HVA Programs

HVA and Emergent Health (their parent organization), run a number of family friendly programs throughout the year. Next up is Scout Training on April 21. They also hold Camp 9-1-1 sessions over the summer. The summer 2018 schedule is not yet available. If I see more sessions of Paramuggle training, I’ll be sure to share them.

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