Grillcheezerie Restaurant Review

Does your kid love Grilled Cheese? Then, Grillcheezerie is just the place to take them – a restaurant all about the Grilled Cheese. There’s basic grilled cheese for the kids. For the adults, there are several gourmet versions and build your own options.


We visited Grillcheezerie for dinner a couple of weeks ago on our way to Argo Cascades. On a Sunday evening it was easy to find parking in the area, have our sandwiches, and then head north through campus to the Cascades.

Grilled Cheese

The bulk of Grillcheezerie’s menu is their grilled cheese sandwiches. They offer several signature creations and a build your own option. We all ordered a signature creation.

My daughter and I both opted for the Honey Apple Grilled Cheese. I love the combination of crisp apples, red onion, cheddar, and a drizzle of honey dijon mustard.


Grillcheezerie - Honey Apple Grilled Cheese & Coleslaw

My husband chose a B.C.T. It is similar to a BLT but with cheddar instead of lettuce. The sandwich features peppered bacon and fresh tomato slices.

Grillcheezerie - BCT


While this is our first review of Grillcheezerie, it was not our first visit. On past visits, they offered a pizza inspired grilled cheese (mozzarella and maybe pepperoni) cut into strips for dipping in a tomato sauce or soup. I don’t remember the exact details. I am disappointed that it is no longer on the menu.

Mac & Cheese

Beyond Grilled cheese, they offer a selection of Macaroni & Cheese with various toppings. There are vegetarian options like the Three Cheese Mac and Mac Shroom. There are several more meaty options – Mac Philly Cheesesteak, Just Baked Bacon Mac, Piggy Mac (Pulled Pork). There’s also the S’Mac & Cheese – Mac & Cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich.

Grillcheezerie - Menu Board

I would have liked to try the Mac & Cheese. But, it seemed too heavy before a trip to the Argo Cascades.

Other Grillcheezerie Menu Items

In addition to sandwiches and Mac & Cheese, Grillcheezerie offers soup, salad, chips, cole slaw, and beverages. They offer bottled/canned beverages since they do not have a drink machine. Beverage options include Coke products, cream soda, Snapple, and more. They also offer shakes, cookies, and bread pudding.

There are several sandwich combos available. You can add soup, mac & cheese, coleslaw, or chips and a drink for a few dollars more. We added two bags of chips and a coleslaw to share between the three of us.

Kids Menu

Grillcheezerie does not have a kids menu. But there are plenty of kid-friendly options. A Build-your own grilled cheese starts under $5. For smaller kids, a side of Mac & Cheese in a combo can be a perfect sized meal.

About Grillcheezerie

Grillcheezerie’s address is 709 Packard St – near the northeast corner of the Packard and State St intersection. We were able to find metered parking on Packard  when we visited. Currently, they only serve dinner (and late night snacks). Their hours are 4p-1:30a. They even offer delivery to nearby locations through midnight. For more information and to check out the menu, check out their website.

Have you visited Grillcheezerie? What is your favorite dish?

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