Dolores Ypsilanti - Fish Tacos

CLOSED – Dolores Ypsilanti – Restaurant Review

Dolores Ypsilanti is a new Mexican restaurant. They opened at the end of January. Last night we had dinner there with our neighbors.

Dolores Ypsilanti - Entrance

We were able to make a reservation for our party of 6.

Dolores Ypsilanti Food

Chips, Salsa, & Guac

We started our meal with chips and guacamole and chips and salsa. The chips were homemade and we enjoyed all 3 salsas and the guacamole.

Dolores Ypsilanti - Chips & Salsa



My husband and I both opted for the Baja Fish Taco. Unlike the other tacos which are served as an order of 3, the Baja Fish Taco is served as a single (larger) taco. My husband and I both enjoyed our fish taco. Our daughter sampled ours and decided to order that next time. The fish taco costs about half of the other tacos.

Dolores Ypsilanti - Fish Tacos

My daughter ordered a chicken quesadilla. She loved her quesadilla and does recommend them.

Dolores Ypsilanti - Chicken Quesadilla


Since my husband and I ordered the Baja Fish Tacos, we were debating how to complete our meal. I debated two fish tacos, or a fish taco and something small. My husband opted for chicken tortilla soup with his taco. I decided to order the elotes.


The chicken tortilla soup was served with avocado, cheese, and tortilla strips. My husband enjoyed the extras, but said the base soup was fairly basic. Next time, he plans to order a different dish to go with his fish taco.

Dolores Ypsilanti - Chicken Tortilla Soup

I am not a fan of spicy food, so I was a little hesitant to order the elotes – especially when the server told our dining companion that they are spicy when he ordered one with the chips and salsa. He felt it wasn’t overly spicy, and suggested I order it. Our server suggested ordering the spice on the side. I was completely fine with the spicy, and would have no hesitation ordering it again…without the spice on the side.

Dolores Ypsilanti - Elotes


Dolores Ypsilanti offers a couple of dessert options. However, we decided to visit Go Ice Cream for dessert. They are across Michigan Avenue and on the east side of Washington St.

Go Ice Cream - Carrot Cake


Dolores Ypsilanti offers plenty of adult beverage options including a margarita and a mojito. There also offer Mexican Coke in the bottle and fountain beverages including Coke and Fanta. For my daughter who doesn’t like carbonated beverages, there were not a lot of options. She ordered an Aqua Jamaica, a hibiscus drink. It wasn’t her favorite and she mostly drank water.

Kids Menu

There is a limited Kids Menu at Dolores Ypsilanti. I remember seeing a quesadilla on the menu. I believe a taco was the other option.

Dining at Dolores Ypsilanti

Dolores Ypsilanti is located at 6 S. Washington St, Ypsilanti. They are one block south of Michigan Avenue. There is a free parking lot across Washington Street.

Dolores Ypsilanti offers a decent amount of seating. There are options for both small and large parties. We had a party of 6, but there were even larger tables available.

Dolores Ypsilanti - Seating Area

While there, I suggest checking out the photos of their renovation. It is amazing to see what they started with.

Dolores Ypsilanti - Photos of Renovation

Overall Thoughts on Dolores Ypsilanti

We will definitely be returning to Dolores Ypsilanti. My daughter already plans to order the Baja Fish Taco. To complement the fish tacos, we discussed ordering a different taco that comes as a set of 3 to share. As a family of 3, this would work perfectly.


While Dolores does not have a huge menu, there is definitely enough variety for everyone to find a dish they like.

Check out Dolores Ypsilanti if you’re looking for a Mexican Restaurant in the downtown Ypsilanti area.

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