Ann Arbor Area Trick or Treat Times

Are you wondering what time Trick or Treat is in various communities around Ann Arbor? Personally I’m good with anything from dusk until about 8:30/9p. However, most of the local municipalities have official trick or treat hours. I’ve noticed that even though Pittsfield starts at 6p, we don’t typically get trick or treaters until closer to 6:30. I prefer it to be dark. 

Ann Arbor Trick or Treat TimesAnn Arbor Trick or Treat Times

All communities around Ann Arbor trick or treat on Halloween, October 31 no matter which day of the week it is. 

I am still updating the 2017 Ann Arbor Trick or Treat times with current information. In the meantime, I have the 2016 hours listed for some locations. The places I have confirmed have not changed from 2016. I don’t expect significant changes to any of the trick or treat times. The source of the information is linked in their names.

  • City of Ann Arbor – 5-8p – confirmed for 2017
  • Chelsea – 5:30-7:30p – confirmed for 2017
  • Ypsilanti Township – 5-8p – Confirmed for 2017 – This is a change from past years when they did not have set times.
  • Pittsfield Township – 6-8p – 2016 information. Waiting for confirmation.
  • City of Ypsilanti – 6-8p per the Ypsilanti Area Children’s Page (2017 information)
  • Dexter – 5:30-7:30p – confirmed for 2017
  • Milan – 6-8p – confirmed for 2017 – Fire station siren will sound at beginning and end of trick or treat.
  • Saline – 6-8p – confirmed for 2017
  • Manchester – 5-7p – 2016 information. For 2017 – Caramel Apple Event from 5-7p at Wurster Park and local businesses handing out candy

Ann Arbor Halloween Events

Of course Trick or Treating in the evening isn’t the only event on Halloween.

?7:00am-10:00pm Free Scary Face Pancakes at IHOP
?9:00am-4:00pm Downtown Dexter Trick or Treat at Monument Park
?10:00am-10:30am Halloween Party! at Downtown Branch of AADL
?11:00am-5:00pm Halloween Treat Parade at Main Street Area
?11:30am-12:00pm Halloween Party! at Downtown Branch of AADL
?5:30pm-9:30pm Haunts for Hunger at Haunts for Hunger
?6:30pm-9:00pm Halloween Candy Safety Checks at McDonalds

For Halloween events throughout October, don’t miss our Washtenaw County Halloween Happenings.


Washtenaw Halloween Happenings


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