Ann Arbor Trick or Treat Times

When is Ann Arbor Trick or Treat in 2023

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Are you wondering what time is Trick or Treating in Michigan – specifically Ann Arbor and surrounding communities? In general trick or treating in the Ann Arbor area is on Halloween evening.

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While many local cities and townships offer trick or treat times in Michigan, the best bet for trick or treat is to check-in with your local neighborhood and see what your neighbors are planning. The best places for this information depends on how your neighborhood usually communicates – a Facebook Group, an Email Group, Next Door, etc. You can also talk to your neighbors to see what your neighborhood typically does.

Remember if you are not participating in trick or treat, turn off your outside garage and porch lights. And if you are taking your kids trick or treating, skip houses with their lights off.


What Time is Trick or Treating 2023 Michigan – Ann Arbor

All communities around Ann Arbor trick or treat on Halloween, October 31 no matter which day of the week it is – including on Sunday as it was in 2021. Personally I’m good with anything from dusk until about 8:30/9p. However, most of the local municipalities have official trick or treat hours.

I live in Pittsfield Township. We don’t typically get trick or treaters until close to 6:30 – and will leave my light on until close to 9p. Personally, I prefer it to be dark, but about 15 years ago a week was added to daylight savings time moving the time change to the first weekend in November from the last weekend in October..


2023 Trick or Treat Hours

What time does trick or treating start in Michigan for 2023? We have yet to confirm any times for trick or treating in Ann Arbor for 2023. .

The trick or treating times below were for 2022 and rarely change.


Other Previous Hours

The cities of Ypsilanti and Saline have previously stated that Trick or Treat is not a city activity and as such they do not set hours. They do give guidelines shared below.

Ann Arbor Trick or Treat Events

Are you looking to trick or treat before Halloween? Check out all of these Trick or Treat Events. It’s the perfect excuse to get a little more use out of your child’s Halloween costume.

Ann Arbor Trick or Treat Events

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Lit Jack O'lanerns at Hallowee'en at Greenfield Village. Three across the bottom with the middle one carved to say Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village. A traditional jack o'lantern with a face sits above this pumpkin. To the right is a pumpkin with an owl. THe image to the left the letters OINCE are visible below a honeycomb

Hallowe’en in Greenfield Village

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Get Dinner & Treats First

Wondering what to do about dinner on Halloween? There are several Halloween Dining Deals and Themed Food items. These are typically announced in the days leading up to Halloween – so we will keep updating until Halloween.

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Ann Arbor Halloween Events

Of course Trick or Treating in the evening isn’t the only event on Halloween.

No Events


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