Ann Arbor Pi Day Deals

Ann Arbor Pi Day

March 14 is Pi Day – the celebration of the number 3.14159. What better way to celebrate than with Pie! There are several Ann Arbor Pi Day Celebrations for 2020 and offers available.

Ann Arbor 2020 Pi Day Events & Deals

Whether you’re talking sweet pies or pizza pies, there are several Pi Day deals in Ann Arbor. With Coronavirus and social distancing recommendations, Pi Day is a little different this year.


Blaze Pizza is still offering a Pi Day promotion, but not today. They will give you a coupon redeemable any time from Monday through the end of the year. Details are in their event listings below. The Lillieparkrun 3.14 mile run for Pi Day has been canceled. Ashley’s is still open and seems to still be offering their deal. Grand Traverse Pie Company is still offering their deal, but they are not promoting it to limit crowds.

No Events

Hungry Howie’s is offering a medium 1-topping pizza for $3.14 with the purchase of a Howie Bread at regular price. The deal is only valid for carry out. There are a number of Hungry Howe’s locations throughout Ann Arbor and surrounding communities.


Celebrate Pi Day at Home with Food

Of course with Coronavirus, the best way to celebrate is at home. When I was stocking up on groceries, I picked up the ingredients for a pie. I keep it simple with a frozen crust and frozen blueberries. I was debating cherry, blueberry, or raspberry, but chose blueberry since it was the only one available in a large bag.

Pi Day Ingredients

We are also planning a pizza for dinner. We usually make rectangular pizzas, but I told my husband it has to be round for Pi Day. English Muffin Pizzas are also a great simple lunch.

My daughter brought clementine oranges to school for her class Pi Day celebration yesterday. But they didn’t get served. Of course, she told me she wanted to bring an allergen friendly Pi Day treat after we were home Thursday night. We had a 5 pound bag, so I sent it with her. Then, I went shopping while she was at school and bought 5 more pounds. Guess what she brought home – all the oranges. Someone else brought donuts so the oranges didn’t get served. So now we have 10 lbs of clementines.

Pancakes are another great idea for Pi Day. You probably have the ingredients to quickly make a batch this morning.


Pi Day at Home Activities

I found some great resources for Pi Day at home activities. Pi Day was started at he Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco. Check out their Pi Day resources including videos and activities. Like our most of our local museums, they are closed due to the coronavirus.

I had never heard of the Buffon’s Needle experiment, but now I want to do it with my daughter. I wonder if we can get Pi?

Do you have a favorite Pi Day activity?

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