AAPS School Day Schedule

AAPS Bell Schedule for 2023-2024

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The Ann Arbor Public Schools Bell Schedule for 2023-2024 has not significantly changed from 2022-2023 which was similar to 2021-2022! That is a rarity in my daughter’s now 12 years as an AAPS student. The main difference is early release days now end about 20 minutes earlier. There are also no more half-days.


2023-2024 AAPS Start & End Times

For many years, there were efforts and requests for high school students to start later. This would fit better with the natural sleep schedule of most teens. During the virtual year, high school started later than other grades. While they have returned to the earliest start time, it is later than previous non-pandemic years.

  • Elementary (K-5 schools)
    • Start Time: 8:45am
    • End Time: 3:48pm
  • Middle School
    • Start Time: 8:15am
    • End Time: 3:03pm
  • K-8 Schools
    • Start Time: 8:15am
    • End Time: 3:18pm
  • Comprehensive High Schools (Huron, Pioneer, Skyline)
    • Start Time: 8:00am
    • End Time: 2:51pm
  • Community High School
    • Start Time: 8:00am
    • End Time: 2:57-3:50p based on student schedule
  • Pathways High School
    • Start Time: 8:00am
    • End Time: 2:56pm

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I am surprised that only Community High School lists end times varying based on student schedule. In the past, I know at least Pioneer offered the option of starting at 2nd period and going later. But, this was not reflected on the bell schedule last year either.

The gap between the start times of high school and elementary school is smaller than in pre-pandemic years. With all the bussing difficulties last year, this was sometimes a challenge.

2019-2020 Bell Times for Comparison

For comparison, the 2019-2020 school hours were:

  • Elementary Schools
    • Regular Day: 8:56a-3:59p
    • Early Release Day: 8:56a-1:29p
    • Last Day: 8:56a-11:39a
  • K-8 Schools (AA Open, A2Steam)
    • Regular Day: 8:19a-3:22p
    • Early Release Day: 8:19a-12:52p
    • Last Day: 8:19a-10:54a
  • Middle Schools
    • Regular Day: 8:19a-3:07p
    • Early Release Day: 8:19a-12:37p
    • Last Day: 8:19a-10:47a
  • High Schools
    • Huron, Pioneer, Skyline
      • Regular Day: 7:45a-2:36p
      • Early Release Day: 7:45a-12:06p
      • Exam Days: 7:45a-11:35a
      • Last Day: 7:45a-9:25a (make-up exams after 9:25a)
    • Community
      • Regular Day: 7:45a-2:42p
      • Early Release Day: 7:45a-11:50p
      • Last Day: 7:45a-9:25a (make-up exams after 9:25a)
    • Pathways
      • Regular Day: 7:45a-2:39p
      • Early Release Day: 7:45a-12:06p
      • Last Day: 7:45a-9:25a (make-up exams after 9:25a)

AAPS Early Release Day Schedule for 2023-2024

The biggest bells schedule change is around early release and half-day dismissal. Last year there were two different schedules with early release days including lunch and half days not including lunch. For 2023-2024 there are only early release days. The calendar does not specify but based on the times I believe lunch will be included.

Early release days end roughly 20 minutes earlier than in 2022-2023.

  • Elementary (K-5) – 1p
  • K-8 Schools – 12:30p
  • Middle Schools – 12:15p
  • High School – 12p

The last day of school has a special shorter calendar:

  • Elementary (K-5) – 11:30a
  • K-8 Schools – 10:45a
  • Middle Schools – 10:50a
  • High School – 9:40a (make-up exams held after, transportation runs at 9:40a)

High School exams typically release before lunch and your school will provide the schedule a few weeks in advance.


High School Bell Schedules Throughout the Day

Pioneer Bell Schedule

The length of the school day is not changing for 2023-2024. So, we expect the Pioneer High School Bell schedule within a day to remain unchanged from 2022-2023.

Regular Schedule

  • First Period: 8-8:58a
  • Second Period: 9:05-10:05a
  • Third Period: 10:12-11:10a
  • Fourth Period Early Lunch
    • Lunch 11:10-11:37a
    • Fourth Period: 11:44-12:42p
  • Fourth Period Late Lunch
    • Fourth Period: 11:17a-12:15p
    • Lunch 12:15-12:42p
  • Fifth Period: 12:49-1:47p
  • Sixth Period: 1:54-2:52p
  • Seventh Period: 2:59-3:57p

Club Day – One Lunch Period

  • First Period: 8-8:57a
  • Second Period: 9:04-10:01a
  • Third Period: 10:08-11:05a
  • Lunch: 11:05-11:46a
  • Fourth Period: 11:46-12:43p
  • Fifth Period: 12:50-1:47p
  • Sixth Period: 1:54-2:51p
  • Seventh Period: 2:58-3:55p

Early Release Schedule for 2022-2023 – This will shift slightly in 2023-2024 since early release is now at noon.

  • First Period: 8-8:278a
  • Second Period: 8:34-9:01a
  • Third Period: 9:08-9:35a
  • Fourth Period: 9:43-10:09a
  • Fifth Period: 10:16-10:43a
  • Sixth Period Early Lunch
    • Lunch 10:43-11:13a
    • Sixth Period: 11:20-11:47a
  • Sixth Period Late Lunch
    • Sixth Period: 10:50a-11:17a
    • Lunch 11:15=7-11:47p
  • Seventh Period: 11:54-12:21


Huron High School Bell Schedule

The Huron bell schedule I found on their website was updated in August 2021. Since the regular school day length has not changed for 2023-2024, I don’t anticipate major changes. The early release schedules will change as the new school day is 21 minutes shorter.

Regular Schedule

  • First Period: 8-8:56a
  • Second Period: 9:00-9:50a
  • Third Period: 9:55-10:45a
  • Fourth Period Early Lunch
    • Lunch 10:45-11:11a
    • Fourth Period: 11:16-12:06p
  • Fourth Period Late Lunch
    • Fourth Period: 10:50a-11:40a
    • Lunch 11:40a-12:06p
  • Fifth Period: 12:11-1:01p
  • Sixth Period: 1:06-1:56p
  • Seventh Period: 2:01-2:51p

Early Release

  • First Period: 8-8:29a
  • Second Period: 8:34-9:03a
  • Third Period: 9:08-9:37a
  • Fifth Period: 9:42-10:11a
  • Sixth Period: 10:16-10:44p
  • Fourth Period Early Lunch
    • Lunch: 10:44-11:12a
    • Fourth Period: 11:15-11:47a
  • Fourth Period Late Lunch
    • Fourth Period: 10:49-11:18a
    • Lunch: 11:18-11:46a
  • Seventh Period: 11:52-12:21p


Skyline High School Bell Schedule

With the length of the school day not changing for 2023-2024, the Skyline Bell schedule should remain unchanged from 2022-2023.

Skytime is typically held on Wednesdays. Skytime is similar to a home room or an advisory period. It allows time for non subject material such as social-emotional lessons, college information, etc.

Regular Schedule

  • First Period: 8-9:11a
  • Second Period 9:16-10:33a
  • Third Period Early Lunch
    • Lunch 10:33-10:59a
    • Third Period: 11:08-12:19p
  • Third Period Late Lunch
    • Third Period: 10:38-11:49a
    • Lunch 11:49a-12:15p
  • Fourth Period: 12:24-1:35p
  • Fifth Period: 1:40-2:51p

Skytime Schedule

  • First Period: 8-9:02a
  • Skytime: 9:05-9:47a
  • Second Period 9:52-11a
  • Third Period Early Lunch
    • Lunch 11-11:26a
    • Third Period: 11:35-12:37p
  • Third Period Late Lunch
    • Third Period: 11:05a-12:07p
    • Lunch 12:07-12:33p
  • Fourth Period: 12:42-1:44p
  • Fifth Period: 1:49-2:51p

Early release days have both Skytime and non-Skytime schedules. These are from 2022-2023 and will have to shift for 2023-2024 as early release days now end at noon.

Early Release (non-Skytime Schedule)

  • First Period: 8-8:41a
  • Second Period 8:46-9:33a
  • Third Period Early Lunch
    • Lunch 9:33-9:59a
    • Third Period: 10:08-10:49p
  • Third Period Late Lunch
    • Third Period: 9:38-10:19a
    • Lunch 10:19a-10:45p
  • Fourth Period: 10:54-11:35p
  • Fifth Period: 11:40-12:21p

Early Release (Skytime Schedule)

  • First Period: 8-8:34a
  • Skytime: 8:39-9:15a
  • Second Period 9:20-9:45a
  • Third Period Early Lunch
    • Lunch 9:54-10:20a
    • Third Period: 10:29-11:03p
  • Third Period Late Lunch
    • Third Period: 9:59-10:33a
    • Lunch 10:33a-10:59p
  • Fourth Period: 11:08-11:42p
  • Fifth Period: 11:47-12:21p


Community High School Bell Schedule

Community High School operates on a Block Schedule.


  • Block 1: 8-9:40a
  • Block 3: 9:50-11:30a
  • Lunch: 11:30a-12:15p
  • Block 5: 12:15-1:55p
  • Block 7: 2-3:40p


  • Block 2: 8-9:40a
  • Block 4: 9:50-11:30a
  • Lunch: 11:30a-12:15p
  • Block 6: 12:15-1:55p
  • Forum: 2-3:40p


  • Block 1: 8-8:55a
  • Block 2: 9-9:55a
  • Block 3: 10-10:55a
  • Block 4: 11-11:55a
  • Lunch: 11:55a-12:40p
  • Block 5: 12:40-1:35p
  • Block 6: 1:40-2:35p
  • Block 7: 2:40-3:35p

Their website did not list early release schedules. Be sure to check their website for notes on the Split Forum option.


Pathways to Success Bell Schedule

Like Commumity, Pathways to Success uses a Block Schedule.


  • Block 1: 8-9:36a
  • Block 3: 9:41-11:17a
  • Lunch: 11:17-11:45a
  • Block 5: 11:50-1:26
  • Studios 1 & 3: 1:28-2:56


  • Block 2: 8-9:36a
  • Mentor Time: 9:41-11:17a
  • Lunch: 11:17-11:45a
  • Block 4: 11:50-1:26
  • Studios 2,4 &5: 1:28-2:56
  • Block 6: 1:28-3:04


  • Block 1: 8-9:13a
  • Block 2: 9:18-10:31a
  • Block 3: 10:36-11:49a
  • Lunch: 11:49a-12:19p
  • Block 4: 12:24-1:37p
  • Block 5: 1:42-2:56p
  • Block 6: 3:01-4:13p


AAPS Middle School Bell Schedules

Each Middle School uses their own bell schedule. Rather than type them here, I am including links to each school

Ann Arbor Public Schools High School Exam Schedules

High school exams are held at the end of every semester (Community, Huron, Pioneer) or trimester (Pathways & Skyline).

Semester exams are held over 4 days, trimester exams over 3 days. There are 2 exams the first 3 days (2 for trimesters). The last day of each exam cycle has a single exam and ends early.

Exam day schedule:

  • Start Time
  • Last Day of Exam End Time: 9:40a
  • Other Exam Day End Times: 11:50a

If your child does not have an exam during a particular exam period, they can arrive late or leave early. My daughter has also had exams not take the full scheduled time. Teachers allowed students to leave early if they have their own transportation.

From 9:40a-11:50a on the last exam day, students may make up exams that they missed. However, bus transportation is only provided after the end of the first exam. If your child needs to stay, you will need to provide transportation.


AAPS High School Testing Day Schedules

On days that the SAT, PSAT, WorkKeys and MStep testing are offered, students not testing will start late. As a high school parent, this has been communicated through the principal in the week or two prior to testing.

Transportation typically still runs for the 8a start time. Non-testing students can arrive late if they provide their own transportation.

I am providing 2022 start times at the AAPS high school my daughter attends for preliminary planning purposes. You should wait for communication from your child’s school closer to testing to make final plans.

  • October 11 – PSAT/NMSQT (11th) – 12:15p start time for non-testers.
  • April 10 – PSAT 9 or 10/SAT with essay (11th) – 1:15p start time for non-testers
  • April 11 – PSAT 9 or 10/WorkKeys (11th) – 11:40a start time for non-testers
  • (Date not announced, but it was the same week) MStep (11th) – All students in school at start time.


High School AP Exams

High School AP Exam dates and times are set by the College Board. This may include testing on the May 7 election day off from school or the May 15 early release date. The exam schedule can be found on the College Board website.

The previous two years, AAPS held AP testing at Eastern Michigan University Student Center. No transportation is provided. Plan to arrive 30 minutes before the exam.

Exam finishing times vary by test length. Students cannot take a phone with them. When my daughter took AP US History, they were released an hour later than initially planned.

Be sure to report your child absent for the exam day. This was needed when she did not go to school before an afternoon exam. When she had a morning exam, they knew she would be out all day.

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