AAPS School Day Schedule

AAPS Daily Schedule for 2021-2022

The AAPS School Day returns to a more normal look for the 2021-2022 school year after the virtual year. Personally, I am happy to only have to keep track of start and end times and not lunch and every break.


2021-2022 School Day Start & End Times

For many years, there have been efforts and requests for high school students to start later to better fit with their sleep schedule. While they have returned to the earliest start time, it is later than previous non-pandemic years.

  • Elementary (K-5 schools)
    • Start Time: 8:45am
    • End Time: 3:48pm
  • Middle School
    • Start Time: 8:15am
    • End Time: 3:03pm
  • K-8 Schools
    • Start Time: 8:15am
    • End Time: 3:18pm
  • Comprehensive High Schools (Huron, Pioneer, Skyline)
    • Start Time: 8:00am
    • End Time: 2:51pm
  • Community High School
    • Start Time: 8:00am
    • End Time: 2:57-3:50p based on student schedule
  • Pathways High School
    • Start Time: 8:00am
    • End Time: 2:56pm


I am surprised that only Community High School lists end times varying based on student schedule. My daughter attends one of the comprehensive high schools and was asked whether she wanted first or last period when she requested her classes.

The gap between the start times of high school and elementary school is smaller than in past years. I hope they can make the transportation work smoothly across levels with the shorter time in between.

The calendar does not specifically list the start and end times for A2Live Virtual Online – a synchronous virtual option for elementary students. My best guess is it will line up with the in-person elementary schools.


2019-2020 Bell Times for Comparison

For comparison, the 2019-2020 school hours were:

  • Elementary Schools
    • Regular Day: 8:56a-3:59p
    • Early Release Day: 8:56a-1:29p
    • Last Day: 8:56a-11:39a
  • K-8 Schools (AA Open, A2Steam)
    • Regular Day: 8:19a-3:22p
    • Early Release Day: 8:19a-12:52p
    • Last Day: 8:19a-10:54a
  • Middle Schools
    • Regular Day: 8:19a-3:07p
    • Early Release Day: 8:19a-12:37p
    • Last Day: 8:19a-10:47a
  • High Schools
    • Huron, Pioneer, Skyline
      • Regular Day: 7:45a-2:36p
      • Early Release Day: 7:45a-12:06p
      • Exam Days: 7:45a-11:35a
      • Last Day: 7:45a-9:25a (make-up exams after 9:25a)
    • Community
      • Regular Day: 7:45a-2:42p
      • Early Release Day: 7:45a-11:50p
      • Last Day: 7:45a-9:25a (make-up exams after 9:25a)
    • Pathways
      • Regular Day: 7:45a-2:39p
      • Early Release Day: 7:45a-12:06p
      • Last Day: 7:45a-9:25a (make-up exams after 9:25a)


Early Release Days

The calendar released on June 11, says that Early Release Days will be announced later – so my guess is there will be some for 2021-2022. The calendar does not include release times for these days. In recent years, early release days have included lunch at school.

High School exams typically release before lunch.

The last day of school is usually a half-day with an early dismissal before lunch.

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