A Wonderful Under the Sea Experience

Yesterday we attended the Sing Along Showing of Little Mermaid at the Michigan Theater and had a really fun time. They had 2 previous showings of Little Mermaid one the weekend, but we were only available for the Monday show.

Two mermaid girls

My daughter was excited to get dressed up in her Ariel costume and head to the theater even bringing her Ariel doll. When we entered the theater every guest (adults included) received a bag of goodies and then we got to meet “Ariel”.

Inside my daughter’s goody bag was a fish temporary tattoo so we headed to the bathroom to apply it to her hand before the show. Prior to the show starting they had a costume “parade” where about 20 kids got to go up on the stage to show off their costumes (or fancy clothes). At our showing, there were 3 groups of costume parades.

We then receive a quick tutorial on the items in our goody bag and how/when we would use them during the movie. The movie started and off we went. We got to use a dinglehopper (aka a fork) with Ariel, blow bubbles Under the Sea, use a light stick to make fireworks, and shower Ariel & Prince Erik with streamers when they first kissed.

My daughter really enjoyed the movie – once she realized it was going to be a movie. This was the first movie we have attended at Michigan Theater having previously attended the Symphony. Even though she was the one to spot the flyer with Ariel’s picture on it as we walked by one day, she didn’t realize it was going to be the movie. Especially after meeting Ariel in the lobby, she thought we were going to see a play.


Being used to today’s digital releases it was a bit of a shock to see the typical deterioration of a film copy when the movie first started. My daughter informed me that several of the Disney DVDs or BluRays contain the option to play a movie as a sing along with the lyrics displayed above. She told me she has watched Beauty & the Beast that way at my parents house (on the DVD from the 2002 release). I don’t know if the Little Mermaid DVD offers this option to allow for home viewing.

After this experience, we are definitely going to be keeping a close eye on upcoming Michigan Theater events. Next month’s events include:

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