Ypsilanti Heritage Festival Parade Review

On Saturday morning, we attended the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival starting with the parade. The parade kicks off at 10a (actually, a couple of minutes later).

We made sure to arrive before the road closures began and parked on River Street near Michigan Avenue. We walked up Michigan Avenue to Huron St and watched the parade from there. It was a great location since we were in the shade. Since the parade turns there we were able to have a great view of who was coming and then see them. Huron St also provides convenient entry to the festival when the parade is over.

I made sure to bring a bag for both goodies from the parade and any crafts or freebies at the festival. We definitely got plenty of freebies from EMU sports posters, candy, a Thunder over Michigan poster, and various other giveaways. One nice thing about the parade is that it is a community pride parade featuring various community groups and organizations. There are no campaign groups allowed so I didn’t end up with a ton of political papers as I have at other parades.

Enjoy a few photos of the parade below:

Start of Parade
Ypsilanti Youth Orchestra
Ypsilanti High School Marching Band
Michigan Firehouse Museum
Save the Willow Run Bomber Plant

I also want to commend the Lincoln High School Marching Band for handing out bottled water to the police officers controlling traffic along the parade route.


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