Touch a Truck was a Success!

Reading in the Bookmobile

This Saturday morning Washtenaw Success by Six hosted Touch a Truck at Briarwood Mall. The event featured a number of trucks, buses, and other vehicles from local organizations including police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and many more. There were also a number of local groups there providing information and activities for the children. I had a table to share information on the blog and hand out a coloring page.

My daughter had the opportunity to visit the various trucks and tables with her grandparents. She really enjoyed the Washtenaw Dental Clinic’s stand and making teeth impressions from play-doh and brushing the teeth. Her favorite part of Touch a Truck was visiting the Bookmobile. She and her friend enjoyed reading books.

One complaint about Touch a Truck that I heard from a few kids was the noise of the event with sirens, announcements, and horns. But, many kids, like mine, liked the noise. For future events, if your child does not like loud noises, this may not be the best event for them.

I also would like to welcome any new readers to the blog who found out about this site through Touch a Truck.


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