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This review of Totoro is part of our Saturday Restaurant Review Series.

Last summer we visited Totoro on State St in Ann Arbor for the first time and have been wanting to return. The Bento Boxes that my husband and daughter prefer are only offered at weekday lunch, so we have been waiting for summer to return for lunch. We met my husband for lunch this week.

The lunch Bento Boxes include salad and Miso soup before your bento box. The Bento Box has 4 items: California roll, shrimp & vegetable tempura, noodle salad, and your chosen entree. Rice is served on the side. My daughter selected Sesame Chicken, my husband selected Orange Chicken, and I had Teriyaki Chicken. The price is definitely right for the Bento Box: $9.65 for the meals we ordered.

Totoro Restaurant Review - Sesame Chicken Bento Box

I love the dressing that Japanese restaurants use on their salad, so I was definitely excited that the salad was included in the Bento Box lunch. While Miso soup is not my favorite, the soup was also good. 


Bento Boxes

I am the only one in my family that enjoys California Rolls, so I got almost 3 servings. Their California Roll used more of a crab salad than plain crab meat. I don’t recall the crab having so much mayo on it last time.

I won’t be getting the Chicken Teriyaki next time. I found the chicken breast to be a little plain with a drizzle of teriyaki on the outside. Next time I think I am going to try the Salmon Teriyaki or the special of the day. The dish I had on our previous visit was the daily special and was delicious.

Totoro Restaurant Review - Chicken Teriyaki


Totoro Menu Items

In addition to the Bento Boxes, Totoro offers a varied menu with sushi, sashimi, tempura, and noodle dishes. The weekend/dinner menu also offers entree versions of the Bento Box meals. 

There is no kids menu at Totoro and there are not a lot of options for non-adventurous eaters. However, a small child could easily share with one or two adults who don’t have huge appetites. We did order my daughter her own bento box, and she ate her salad, soup, rice, and sesame chicken. My daughter and I both brought leftovers home from our Bento Boxes and had enough for about half of a meal each.

Totoro Location

Totoro is located at 215 S. State St, behind Ama Bistro. Lunch is served 11:30a-3:30p Monday through Friday. With my husband working on campus, it is a convenient place for us to meet him for lunch.

Overall Totoro Review

I am sure we will return to Totoro again for lunch before my daughter returns to school. 

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