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Summer Learning Opportunities at Ann Arbor Public Schools

On Thursday, May 21 the Ann Arbor Public Schools has special summer learning opportunities for 2020. They introduced them in a Facebook Townhall on Thursday, May 21.

AAPS Summer Learning Opportunities Town Hall

We will begin our discussion about Summer Learning Opportunities at 4 PM.

Posted by Ann Arbor Public Schools on Thursday, May 21, 2020

Ann Arbor Public Schools is re-envisioning Summer Learning for 2020. Virtual learning will be synchronous with a specific teacher (except A2 Virtual+). Synchronous sessions will be made available for asynchronous use. All options below are free except for High School students taking new classes for credit through A2Virtual+. Those classes are discounted by $100.


Learning Access Over the Summer

In addition to the formal programs over the summer, Ann Arbor Public Schools is working to bring other resources to their families. Elementary School students currently use Lexia for reading and Dreambox for Math. Both subscriptions have been Students will have access to both programs using their clever logins throughout the summer.

They are working on extending Epic which allows for e-reading (primarily at the elementary level. They are also working on other programs. For example, the media specialists are working to find e-reading libraries that will be available to students.

Additional on-going learning access will be posted. For example Epic which allows e-reading. They are wroking on adding it for the summer. (mostly at elementary). Media specialists are looking for ereading libraries for students.

Elementary Summer Programs

Students will continue to have access to Dreambox (Math) and Lexia (ELA) over the summer.Both are available through the student’s clever login.

Elementary Summer Adventure Games

They will have Elementary Summer Adventure Games. You can enroll for 1 week up to 4 weeks. They will make an effort to place students with adults or students from their building when possible. Each week will have a different theme (which will be surprise) and during that week you can earn 5 badges.

The goals are to reading, writing, math, science, social studies and science.

The badges they showed are AAPS Collaborator, AAPS Detective, AAPS Communicator, AAPS Ecologist, and AAPS Historian. At first I thought these were the topics for each week, but I think these will be the 5 badges you earn each week within a different theme.

The Summer Adventure Game will include synchronous learning and independent work from 8:30-11:30a. Plus additional enrichment activities in specials areas like Physical Education, Music, Art, Library, Project Lead the Way..

Open Enrollment starts at 8a on May 22. Must apply by June 3, but first come first serve basis.


Incoming Young 5s & Kindergarteners

They are planning about a week long program for incoming Kindergarteners. This week will also include how to use devices and access school learning platforms. Devices will be available for these families as well.

They are also planning to add a Virtual Visit to School for incoming Ks and Young 5s to introduce them to the building.

More information is not yet available for these programs.

SESLA – Summer English as a Second Language Academy

Summer English as a Second Language Academy is for 4-8th grade who are English Language learners.. This is a program that has been offered for many years. It is by invitation only. Invites have already gone out. If you have not received an invitation and think your student qualifies, please contact your child’s school.

SESLA runs June 22-July 10 (no school on July 3). Classes are Monday-Friday from 9a-noon.

Middle School

Dreambox is available to Middle School students

Middle School Summer Challenges

The Middle School Summer Challenge is open to all students currently in grades 5-7. It lasts for 3 weeks and has 3 mazing challenges.

The sessions will focus on Pre-Algebra math skills and literacy skills in problem-solving.

The Middle School Summer Challenge runs from July 13-30. Classes are Monday-Thursday from 9-11:30a. This time includes synchronous learning, individual teacher support, Dreambox and independent reading time


Scarlett Learning Academy

Scarlett Learning Academy (SLA) is a 3 week remote learning program for students who need assistance with reading and math. Students who qualify have already been contacted with an invitation to register. SLA will develop math skills, develop literacy skills, and work on strategies for online learning. There will be teacher led small group assignments and individual student challenges.

SLA runs from June 22-July 10. It is held Monday-Friday (no class July 3) from 9a-noon.

Academic Youth Development

Academic Youth Development (AYD) is a preparation for incoming high school for students who need some extra help with math. Enrollment is by invitation based on their 8th Grade Math performance. Students will earn a 0.5 Math elective credit for this class.

AYD runs July 6-30, Classes are held Monday-Thursday, but meeting times are not listed.

EL Bridge Summer Program

EL Bridge Summer Program allows incoming 9th grade English Language Learners to earn 05 an elective credit while providing assistance in the high school transition. The program builds English Language skills and also develops school knowledge to help them succeed in high school.

EL Bridge runs from July 6-30 and is held Monday-Thursday. Enrollment is by invite only based on their English Language Learner assessment.


High School Options

Summer School

The Summer School program is for credit recovery or incomplete grade recovery. Invites are being sent to students who the school identified as needing this to allow them to enroll first. Other students may also renroll.

The Summer School program will include synchronous learning and from the principals, teachers, and peer to peer group opportunities along with individual work.

Summer School is free. It runs from July 6 through July 31 with synchronous and asynchronous classes. There will be morning sessions from 9-11a and afternoon sessions from noon-2p

There will be an initial required synchronous meeting on July 2 from 9:30-10:30a and 12:30-1:30p.


A2Virtual+ is AAPS virtual platform (before the whole district went virtual). High School Students are able to take classes for high school credit.

Students may retake a class from their 2019-2020 Trimester 3 or Semester 2 schedule at no charge. Other classes are $169 for an AAPS student and $299 for a non-AAPS student. A wider course catalog is available through Michigan Virtual at a higher tuition rate.

A2 Virtual classes run from June 29-July 31. They are self-paced. Students are encouraged to take only one class since each class is about a 15-20 hours a week of learning. Students wishing to take 2 classes are encouraged to stack the classes – learning one and then the other. This ensures they will be more likely to succeed in at least one class if the workload is too much.

Exams will be completely online. There will not be proctoring or any face to face requirements this year.

SAT Prep

SAT Prep is Available to all students entering 11th or 12th graders (classes of 2021 & 2022). Students enrolling will have virtual access to a Schoology page with a virtual SAT coach linking their Khan Academy and College Board accounts, access to an SAT practice test, and a personalized one-on-one meeting with their coach to review practice test results.

A special program for students with PSAT scores from 800-1000. Students earn 0.5 elective credit by meeting the program requirements.


Testing Out

This was answered as a question in the Town Hall. I do not see a link on the website. July 8 and 9 there will be the option to test out of classes. For example, if you are coming to Ann Arbor Public Schools from outside the district and need to test out of Algebra or a Language.

Special Education

Extended School Year

The Extended School Year program that has been offered for years. It is for PreK-12 students whose IEP indicates that they will benefit from it. Students qualify for the ESY program based on significant regression after school breaks, severity of disability, and students at a critical stage of learning.

The ESY runs from July 6-30th with classes held Monday-Thursday from 10:30a-noon. Enrollment is based on the IEP team determination. Parents of eligible students will be contacted by their child’s IEP team.

Project Read

Project Read – Is a summer intensive reading program for students who are at least 2 grade levels below current grade level. Project Read runs fromJuly 6-30 with sessions on Monday-Thursday from either 8-9:30a or 9:30a-11a.


SISS Summer Academy

SISS Summer Academy is a new program for any student with a IEP from PreK through 12th grade. There will be course offerings in Literacy, Math, Language skills, Social & Coping Skills, Fine Motor, and Support for students adapting to online learning.

SISS Summer Academy will run in weekly sessions from July 6-30. Classes will be held on Mondays-Thursday with sessions from either 9a-10:30a or 1-2:30p. Enrollment opens on May 22.

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