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School Playgrounds – Tuesday Playground Profile

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Every Tuesday Ann Arbor with Kids is profiling a new playground. 

With kids heading back to school next week, I’m changing up the typical Tuesday Playground Profile. Particularly for kids starting a new school, one of the best ways to ease the transition is for them to become familiar with their new environment. So, this week’s Playground Recommendation is to visit the playground at your child’s school.


Elementary School Playgrounds

Most elementary school playgrounds are open to the public (I don’t know of any public school playgrounds that aren’t fully accessible, but there may be exceptions). 

Over the years we have visited the playgrounds at many different Ann Arbor elementary schools thanks to our Rec & Ed soccer practice and game schedule. I know my daughter often wants to take a few minutes on the playground after a game.


When to Visit

This last week of school is the perfect time to meet up with friends at your elementary school for one more before school play date.

Once school starts, the playgrounds should be left for school use including after school care on school days. I know my daughter’s school has two playground areas and requests that one of the playgrounds be reserved for after school care and that parents supervising children after school use the other playground.


Elementary School playgrounds are going to be designed for kids starting at Kindergarten or maybe slightly younger if the school offers preschool. Don’t expect to find infant bucket swings at elementary schools, although some schools have adaptive swings.

Similarly, these play structures won’t have low slides designed for toddlers. Instead, you’ll likely find monkey bars, twisty slides, poles for sliding, and more.


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