School Lunch Recipe: Pizza Biscuits

Pizza Biscuit Recipe – Great for School Lunch

Pizza biscuits are an easy lunch to pack for school. A Pizza Biscuit has all the flavor of pizza – without the grease. My daughter never liked the school pizza, so this is a great alternative. Of course, the pizza has improved since Ann Arbor Public Schools started serving Domino’s Pizza.

While grocery shopping, my daughter and I were discussing unique ways that we could pack a “pizza” for school lunch. We decided to make a biscuit or a muffin to incorporate the flavors of pizza that she could dip in sauce. I also wanted something that would be easy to make.

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Pizza Biscuits

We settled on making drop Pepperoni Pizza Drop biscuits. We made the biscuits for lunch on the weekend and my daughter was able to pack the leftovers in her lunch box.

I wanted a recipe that I could make quickly and did not involve a lot of steps. I browsed my pantry and found a biscuit/baking mix which was perfect for making biscuits. I decided on drop biscuits since it was easy to stir the ingredients.

Our pizza “toppings” were pepperoni, onion, garlic, and fresh basil. You could substitute the ingredients for whatever toppings your family prefers, and you have on hand.

School Lunch Recipe Pizza Biscuit Dry Ingredients

Our whole family enjoyed the pizza biscuits for a weekend lunch right out of the oven. In addition to a school lunch, they are also a great appetizer to serve to a group.

School Lunch Recipe Pepperoni Pizza Biscuits


School Lunch Pepperoni Pizza Biscuits

My daughter packed the leftovers for lunch. She had two biscuits, a container of sauce for dipping, a container of pineapple, and a chocolate milk.

School lunch recipe: pizza biscuits in the lunch box

My daughter said that the pizza biscuits were as good cold as they were warm. She loved having them for lunch and they were a nice alternative to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I loved packing the Pizza Biscuits since it was much easier than making a sandwich. As leftovers I packed them in containers for lunch so it was simple to pack her lunch in the morning.

We will definitely be making Pizza Biscuits again this school year and may shake them up with different toppings. What toppings would your family put in their pizza biscuits?


Pizza Biscuit Recipe

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School Lunch Recipe: Pizza Biscuits

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