Costume Ideas for a Rainy Halloween

Rainy Halloween Costume Ideas

Don’t let a rainy Halloween spoil trick or treating with these costume ideas. But the kids still want to head out trick or treating. Don’t worry, we have some great ideas on how to pivot a costume or easily create an alternate costume for rainy trick or treating.

Our Rainy Halloween Costume Shift

Several years ago, my daughter was planning to be a Minecraft Enderman. The costume was easy – all black clothing and the box head. As I bought the cardboard box head, my first thought was “I hope it doesn’t rain on Halloween”.

Of course, the Halloween forecast was for rain. She did get several Halloween events out of her Minecraft head. Even without the rain, she found the big boxy head less than comfortable for running around.


But with a forecast for rain on Halloween, we made a last minute stop at one of the local Halloween stores with the goal of becoming a cat or a mouse. We found a black cat accessories kit – a headband with ears and a belt with a tail – that worked well with existing black outfit. We also had reflective stickers that made a great belly patch and tail stripe.

Rainy Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costumes with Ponchos/Rain coat

Ponchos are great for keeping you dry in rain. They can also be incorporated into a costume.



A ghost is a classic Halloween Costume. When browsing Pinterest, I was inspired by this poncho ghost from Party City. It isn’t waterproof, but you could easily make it with a rain poncho.

Instead of using a sheet, a white poncho or a clear poncho with white clothing underneath can easily be made into a ghost. Add stickers or tape for the face and eyes.

You can buy Pac Man ghost ponchos. But, we already have ponchos that would be perfect. Again, you can use Duck Tape and vinyl stickers to make the eyes.

Hogwarts Students

My daughter is dressing as a Ravenclaw student at Hogwarts. A black poncho would be a great replacement for her Hogwarts robes and keep her dry.

Jack o Lantern

I was inspired by these fabric ponchos to suggest a Jack O Lantern out of a rain poncho.

Start with an orange poncho and use either black or yellow stickers to make the face.

Georgie from It

This recommendation comes from a reader. In the poster for the movie It, Georgie wears a yellow rain coat. It is a perfect rainy day costume. A yellow rain coat (or poncho), a red balloon, and jeans.

Halloween Costumes with Umbrellas

Another great idea is to incorporate an umbrella into your costume. We found some inspiration on Pinterest.

Jellyfish Costumes are popular on Pinterest. For weatherproof tentacles, I suggest using a cut-up poncho or cut up trash bags. I would also suggest leaving off the lights in the rain.

I was trying to think of characters that carry an umbrella. A few that I found on Pinterest or came to mind are Morton Salt Girl, Mary Poppins, Jiminy Cricket.

Other Rainy Halloween Costume Suggestions

Do you have other suggestions for costumes on a rainy Halloween? In a warmer climate, I would suggest going as a swimmer. But that’s not a great option when it is 40 & raining.

Indoor Halloween Celebrations

Instead of trying to navigate the cold rain, there may be indoor Halloween celebrations. Check our list of Indoor Halloween Activities in Ann Arbor. Or, make a quick plan with some friends for an impromptu indoor Halloween party in place of trick or treating.

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