Ann Arbor Indoor Halloween

Ann Arbor Indoor Halloween Activities

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It looks like this year could be another rainy Halloween in Ann Arbor. Unfortunately, most of the indoor activities happened this past weekend. Still, we have a few suggestions for how to make the most of a rainy Halloween.

The rain forecast for Halloween is currently iffy. Earlier on Sunday, they were predicting at least a 50-60% chance or rain during trick or treat hours. However, as I update this article for 2022 at 10:30p, the chance of rain is down to 35% during trick or treat. Hopefully the chance of rain keeps dropping. On the plus side, the temperature is forecast to be around 60 so even if it is wet, it won’t be too cold.


Our Indoor Halloween Recommendations

All of the indoor activities on the calendar are during the school day – just a Halloween Puppet Show at the Ann Arbor District Library (Downtown).

Halloween Puppet Show
at Downtown Branch of AADL, Ann Arbor Michigan
Halloween Puppet Show!
at Downtown Branch of AADL, Ann Arbor Michigan

Events from our Sponsors

Lit Jack O'lanerns at Hallowee'en at Greenfield Village. Three across the bottom with the middle one carved to say Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village. A traditional jack o'lantern with a face sits above this pumpkin. To the right is a pumpkin with an owl. THe image to the left the letters OINCE are visible below a honeycomb

Hallowe’en in Greenfield Village

Non-Member Tickets Go on Sale September 6!

Halloween Drive Through

Zany Halloween has a Halloween drive through from 7-10p at 3700 Waters Drive. You’ll be able to stay dry in your car.

Halloween Dining

Skip the trick or treating and check out our list of Halloween Dining Deals & Themed Food.

Ann Arbor Halloween Dining Deals & Treats


Rainy Halloween Costume Suggestions

Some costumes are better for rain than others. A couple of years ago, my daughter was supposed to be a Minecraft Enderman with a cardboard head. With a rainy Halloween we quickly pivoted to a black cat. Check out our list of Rainy Day Halloween Costumes, many of which are easy to quickly put together.

Costume Ideas for a Rainy Halloween


Halloween Crafts & Treats

Instead of covering the whole neighborhood in trick or treat tonight, visit a few neighbors and plan indoor fun. Here are a few ideas for crafts, games, and treats.

Halloween Craft Ideas

Paper Jack-O-Lanterns are easy for kids of all ages to make. Toddlers can just draw the faces, while older kids an also do the cutting.

Paper Jack O'Lanterns


Pick up some small pumpkins at the grocery store for painting tonight.

Do you have black balloons? Add some black streamers to make spiders.

Halloween Game Ideas

Ring toss on a witch’s hat is a great Halloween game. Cut the center out of paper plates, stuff the witch’s hat so it stands up and have the kids try to land them on the hat.

Halloween toss. Use your extra trick or treat candy to toss into Halloween buckets.


Halloween Treat Ideas

Orange O’Lanterns are time consuming, but manageable for a small group.

Orange O'Lanterns

Candy Corn Fruit Cups are also simple. I already have all the ingredients in my house – pineapple, clementines, and whipped topping. When making for a smaller group, I would make them a little larger and not in disposable cups.

Candy Corn Fruit

Of course you can always make and decorate cupcakes or a cake.


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