New Blog Look & Focus

Have you noticed a new look on the blog today? Not only is there a new look, we have a new name, a new blog address, and an expanded focus.

Ann Arbor Area Events & Activities has become Ann Arbor with Kids. We also have a dedicated web address ( instead of a blogspot subdomain. Don’t worry you can still access the blog through the old address.

Why make a change? I started collecting events for preschoolers almost 3 years ago before my daughter even started kindergarten. I started this blog a little over two years ago to provide more information on what we’ve done and what is going on. At that time, my daughter was about to start preschool. Two plus years later, she is now a Kindergartener with a very successful first two days behind her. In those 3 years, my followers have also had kids growing older. So, we will be covering topics about kids that range in age from almost preschoolers through elementary school aged children.

You will also see a gradual change over in the branding from the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Feeds, and Mailing Lists. There may also be a few new offerings of how to follow the blog. I will highlight some of these options in a future post.

So, what do you think? Do you like the new design and new focus?


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