Miss Kim Restaurant Review - Menu

Miss Kim Restaurant Review

Miss Kim is a Korean restaurant located in Kerrytown that is part of the Zingerman family of businesses. We initially reviewed them in 2017 shortly after their December 2016 opening. We have updated our review to include both information 2022 and our 2017 visit.

Miss Kim vignette - photo of chicken bibimbop

About Miss Kim

About Miss Kim

Miss Kim is operated by Ji Hye Kim who formerly operated the San Street food cart. The restaurant opened in December 2016 and added lunch in April 2017. Miss Kim offers traditional Korean dishes and some of the dishes that made San Street popular. Chef Kim and Miss Kim have been nominated for several James Beard awards.

Miss Kim Restaurant Review - Menu

The Food


We were brought a dish of carrot salad to start our meal.

Miss Kim Carrot starter

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We started our 2022 dinner by ordering a Smashed Potatoes “snack”. It was definitely large enough for the 3 of us to split. I was a bit worried that the spice would be too hot (I am a wimp with heat), but I found it had a very mild kick. These were delicious, and we could have easily eaten more, but needed to pace ourselves for dinner.

Miss Kim - Smashed Potatoes Snack


My teen and I both ordered chicken Bibimbop. She opted for no egg on hers. The sauce was served on the side so you could up the spice if you wanted. I tasted a bit and was getting ready to add to my dish as the spice seemed fine – but it was one of heats that builds as you taste it. I am glad I didn’t add too much before the spice built. We each brought some home, but less than half each so it was good we did not share.

Miss Kim - Chicken Bibimbop

Korean Fried Chicken

My husband ordered Korean Fried Chicken. With the Korean Fried Chicken you get the choice of Korean Chili Spice Blend, Sweet Chili Glaze, or Sweet Soy Glaze. He opted for the Chili Spice Blend. It tasted similar to the spice on the potatoes. He has previously had the sweet chili glaze and said he preferred that a bit – although the chili spice blend is less messy to eat with your hands.

Miss Kim - Fried Chicken with Korean chili spice blend

Banh Mi (2017)

My husband and I both decided to order Banh Mi for lunch in 2017. I ordered chicken and he ordered pork. They were delicious. I do recommend having a knife and fork handy. The chicken and vegetables were falling out of my sandwich.

Miss Kim Restaurant Review - Pork Banh Mi

Kids Fried Chicken Bowl (2017)

My daughter opted for the Kids Fried Chicken Bowl on our first visit. The bowl includes rice and cucumbers. She decided to leave off the cucumbers since she wasn’t a big fan of cucumbers. They offered her spicy sauce or ketchup. Not being a fan of “hot” spice, but not a ketchup fan, she asked for other options. They gave her a side of hoisin sauce which she liked. (Now, in 2022 she would be all over the spicy sauce)

Miss Kim Restaurant Review - Kids Fried Chicken Bowl


My husband and daughter both ordered iced tea on our 2022 visit. They both enjoyed it, but did say it was very gingery. The menu says tea flavors vary, so I recommend asking what flavor they have when you visit.

Back in 2017, Miss Kim serves Mexican Coca-Cola and Coke Light (aka Diet Coke). My daughter does not care for carbonated beverages, so she had a harder time finding something to drink. She ordered an iced green tea, but was not really a fan. We should have looked at the menu more closely since they offer banana milk (still on the menu in 2022).

Carafes of water and glasses are provided at no charge. This was sufficient for me – but I generally drink water.

Overall Impressions

We have loved all of our visits to Miss Kim.

They have outdoor picnic tables that we sat out in 2022 – we were lucky to have a November day in the high 60s.

As a water drinker, I love that they provide water in bottles on the table with glasses. I could refill my water glass as needed.

Visit Miss Kim

Miss Kim is located in the Kerrytown Market & Shops. Their address is 415 N 5th Ave, Ann Arbor. Their hours are:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday – 11:30a-8:30p
  • Tuesday – Closed
  • Friday – 11:30a-9p
  • Saturday – 11a-9p
  • Sunday – 11a-8:30p

Metered parking is available throughout Kerrytown – both on street and in lots. Most of the meters are the smart meters that accept credit cards.

Be sure to check their website for sample menus and more information.

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