Saline Fair

Great Day at the Saline Fair

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Today I took my daughter and a classmate to PreSchool Day at the Saline Fair. We ran into a few other friends and alternated between spending time with them and going off on our own.

Saline Fair Preschool Day Activities

The girls had fun at the ScrapLady’s tables decorating a boat. My daughter had fun at the Hands On Museum’s exhibits. It was a little chilly at those tables since they were inside the shelter and it was breezy. 

Saline Fair Preschool Day - AAHOM Activities

Saline Fair Animals

Then we went and took a tour of the animals. The girls loved getting the stamps for the animals, but they both complained about it being stinky by the animals.

Saline Fair Preschool Day - Eggs


Saline Fair Rides

At this point, the rides were open and they were eager to get started riding. They had a good mix of rides that the kids had to go on alone and that an adult could accompany them on. The only ride I went on with them was the carousel. The Fun House was not a hit for these girls. Despite being a ride junkie, my daughter would not go on the fun house. Her friend wanted to go on and only made it to the first set of steps before asking to turn back. I found the ride lines to be longer than they were last year.

Saline Fair Preschool Day - Kids Rides - Dragon Coaster

Food at the Saline Fair

For lunch, Domino’s was serving pizzas inside. We tried to have lunch about 12:20, but they were out of pizza and expecting new pizzas in 30 minutes. We went and rode a few extra rides and returned to eat. The pizzas were small (6″), but a great size for the kids. The price was right at $3. They only had carbonated sodas to drink at that stand, so we just drank the water we brought with us.

Saline Fair Games

One of their friends played the hammer game to win a unicorn blow-up, so of course they wanted to play the game. There were several prize levels you could choose between to play. For preschool day, they had a guaranteed win. When they hit the lever, the operator helped slide the glider up to ring the bell. My daughter had no clue that he helped, so she thinks she did it all by herself.

Tractor Pull

Our final activity was an ice cream snack and the tractor pull. My daughter did much better with the pull than last year, needing only a little help.

Since my daughter will be in Kindergarten next year, I was sad that we will miss preschool day. However, next year the fair will be a week earlier, so she might not be in school. I hope they still have a kids day.

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