Go, Dog. Go! Review

Today my daughter and I attended EMU Theater’s performance of Go, Dog. Go! Overall we enjoyed the performance and I would recommend it.

The opening scene was a little slow to develop and kids started getting antsy. Throughout the show there were a few things happening at stage level which were hard for some kids seated behind an adult to see.

This was definitely a great play for young kids since it did not have a lot of dialog. It was not a big deal if the kids were a little loud. There was not a story they needed to follow. The play was a great length for kids with one intermission. In the lobby they had a coloring contest for kids to enter. They also had the adjoining theater open with some interactive activities like Pin the Tail on the Dog and hats to try on. We visited at intermission and again at the end of the play. We arrived only a few minutes before show time so I am not sure if it was open before hand.

Based on our experience, I would recommend Go, Dog. Go! to families with kids from age 3 to about age 10. There is one more show, Sunday December 11 at 2p. If EMU Theater has future performances geared for kids, I will definitely try to attend.

Disclaimer: I attended the performance at my own expense and am not being compensated for this review. All opinions are 100% mine.


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