End the Hair Brushing Nightmares!

Is brushing your child’s long hair a nightmare that results in tears and frustration for both of you?

If so, you need to check out The Wet Brush. I had a few friends raving about it this fall for their daughters. My daughter got a Wet Brush a couple of months ago and she agrees that it is awesome. While the name includes the word “Wet”, it works equally well on dry hair.

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Unfortunately, my daughter has misplaced her Wet Brush so we have gone back to using a regular brush. This morning she was bemoaning the use of that brush. I told her to work on finding her Wet Brush after school today so she’ll have it for tomorrow morning.

My daughter’s Wet Brush came from Justice, but it is available at many places, including Amazon. The Wet Brush is available in different colors, a couple of sizes, and in combo packs. 


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