Elevation Burger - Single Burger with Lettuce, Tomato, Caramelized Onion

Ann Arbor Elevation Burger Restaurant Review – CLOSED

Update: Both Ann Arbor Locations have recently closed (winter 2020).

Last week we had dinner the Ann Arbor Elevation Burger location on Washtenaw. While this was not our first visit, we have never reviewed Elevation Burger on the site. I am going to use some pictures from multiple visits in the post.

Ann Arbor Elevation Burger Tray with Salad

Menu Options


Elevation Burger offers a wide variety of burgers. They also offer a grilled chicken sandwich, a veggie burger, and a vegan burger. They have several pre-made combinations or you can customize your burger or sandwich. Additionally, they have grilled cheese, a BLT, and grilled chicken strips. We usually opt for a single burger patty instead of the standard double burger. It saves money and calories.

Ann Arbor Elevation Burger - Single Burger with Lettuce, Tomato, Caramelized Onion

I love being able to customize our burgers! We are each able to get the burger the way we like it. I also like the option to have a chicken sandwich or have only a single patty in my burger.

Milk Shakes

My daughter loves the Milk Shakes at Elevation Burger. You are able to customize your milkshake with up to 2 add-ons. My daughter likes to add cheesecake and fruit to her milkshakes. She has tried both black cherry and strawberry.


Ann Arbor Elevation Burger Shakes

Side Dishes

Elevation Burger offers both French Fries and Salads as sides. We will often share an order of fries between the three of us and sometimes share a salad as well.

Ann Arbor Elevation Burger Fries

Elevation Burger Restaurant

Elevation Burger is a counter-serve restaurant. Upon arrival, you will place your order. The meals are cooked fresh and delivered to your table upon completion.

Ann Arbor Elevation Burger Serving Tray

The restaurant has a commitment to responsibility and the environment. Their beef is all grass-fed, free-range, and organic. The restaurants have been built with sustainable and non-hazardous construction practices. Also, as a consumer I appreciate that they offer recycling in the restaurants.

Ann Arbor Elevation Burger Locations

There are two Ann Arbor Elevation Burger locations. We typically visit the restaurant at 3365 Washtenaw Avenue, Suite L. We have also visited the one at 529 East Liberty Street.

The Washtenaw location is located on the north side of the road west of Arborland. The shopping center is easiest to access when heading west. It is also easiest to leave when heading west on Washtenaw. 

The Liberty location has a bit of an awkward layout particularly around their drink machine. The location is particularly tight if you have a stroller for exploring downtown.

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