Colemans Corn Maze - Maze Entrance

Review of Coleman’s Corn Maze

Update: Coleman’s Corn Maze is no longer operating a corn maze. They do operate a small apple orchard, have mums, and are a fun visit on a fall weekend. Get more details on their current offerings. You can find other corn mazes here.

Ann Arbor Corn Maze Guide

As a family we did our first corn maze about 5 years ago. Since then, we try to do a maze every year. We have always gone to Talladay Farms (Milan) in the past. Last night we visited Coleman’s Corn Maze (Saline) for the first time. 

Coleman's Corn Maze - Maze Entrance

About Coleman’s Corn Mazes

Coleman’s Corn Mazes features 3 mazes. They also offer a range of other activities like apple picking, pumpkin picking, hay rides, baby animals, fire pits and more.

They offer three mazes. Maze 1 is 2.9 miles long, Maze 2 is 2.3 miles long, and Maze 3 is 0.5 miles long. Each maze features several check points. A map is available for $1 to help you find all the checkpoints.

Coleman's Corn Maze - Maps

Farm Scene Investigation (FSI) is an additional challenge in Maze 2. FSI is similar to Clue in that there are a series of weapons, suspects, and locations. Throughout the maze are several clue checkpoints. Each FSI checkpoint eliminates a single weapon, suspect, and location. If you find all of the FSI checkpoints, you will solve the case. The FSI Checkpoints are not listed on the map. 

Our Experience at Coleman’s Corn Maze

The strength of Coleman’s Corn Maze is that they offer much more than just a corn maze.  While we were waiting to pay and get directions for the maze, my daughter was able to interact with the baby animals, and explore the hay bale maze. They also offer you-pick apples, a pumpkin patch, and a hay ride.

Coleman's Corn Maze - Hay Bale Tower

The Corn Maze

Coleman’s Corn Maze this year was based on bees and a honeycomb. There were lots of honeycomb circles, but few dead ends. From a straight navigation standpoint, this made the maze easier than some we’ve been in. 

However, the real challenge of the Coleman’s Corn Maze is not finding your way out, but finding all of the check points…and solving the FSI mystery in Maze 2. We loved the idea of the cards and finding the checkpoints. Each checkpoint has a hole punch to mark your card either for numbers or the FSI clues. 

Coleman's Corn Maze - Checkpoints

We ended up missing 2 numbered checkpoints and several FSI checkpoints as we navigated our way through the maze. I was game for trying to find them, but my husband and daughter were happy just to find our way out. Had it been light out and earlier in the evening, we would have explored the maze more looking for the checkpoints and FSI clues. 


Coleman’s Corn Maze is an easy drive from Saline, 5 miles south. I was glad that the whole drive was on paved roads.


Since it was dark and later in the evening we only did the corn maze and enjoyed a donut. They were short on donuts, cider, and staff. With the nice weather they must have been busier than they expected all weekend.

Coleman's Corn Maze - Baby Animals

Overall Thoughts on Coleman’s Corn Mazes

We recommend Coleman’s Corn Mazes for daytime visits. Leave plenty of time for your visit to enjoy some of the extra activities as well. For evening corn maze trips, we prefer Talladay (even though we don’t do their haunted maze).

Visit Coleman’s Corn Maze

Coleman’s Corn Maze

Coleman’s Corn Maze is located in Saline.

  • Address: 12578 Jordan Rd, Saline
  • 2017 Season:
    • Opening Day: Friday, September 8
    • Fridays 6-10p
    • Saturdays 10a-10p
    • Sundays noon-9p
    • Mondays-Thursdays (starting October 2) 6-9p
    • Last Day: Saturday, November 4
  • Other Features:
    • U-Pick Apples
    • Pumpkin Patch 
    • Hayrides
    • Giant Haystack
    • Petting Barn
    • Corn Box
    • Duck Races
  • Prices:
    • Corn Mazes – $11/adults, $5/ages 5-10
    • Hayride – $3
    • Maze & Hayride $12/adults, $7/ages 5-10
    • Duck Races – $1

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