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Cedar Point 2017 Enhancements – Travel Thursday

I actually had just started another Travel Thursday post when Cedar Point announced their new projects for 2017. Our family loves roller coasters and amusement parks, so we are thrilled that Cedar Point is only 2 hours from Ann Arbor. 

Earlier this spring, I was able to attend a preview for their 2016 addition Valravn

Cedar Point Valravn

Visiting Cedar Point

Cedar Point is known for it’s roller coasters. My two favorite coasters are Valravn and Gatekeeper. The first time we took our daughter to Cedar Point in 2013, she was extremely disappointed to just miss the minimum height requirement for Gate Keeper.


In 2014, she was thrilled that she cleared all of the height requirements and could ride anything. 

Cedar Point HalloWeekends 2015 Top Thrill Dragster

Last year, we made sure to arrive as early as possible on Friday night to take advantage of the rides while everyone else was in line for the haunted attractions. 

There are plenty of rides for smaller guests. Cedar Point has two kiddie areas that offer rides for kids under 54″. For all guests, there are rides like the Sky Ride, Carousels, cars, and more.  Although I have to confess that the Sky Ride scares me more than the 400+’ Top Thrill Dragster.

If you still want to visit in 2016, Cedar Point is open daily through Labor Day. After Labor Day, they are open for HalloWeekends through October 30th (Fridays-Sundays). Soak City and the water rides inside Cedar Point are only open through Labor Day. Our last two visits have been during HalloWeekends which offers both family friendly daytime activities, and thrills at night. Even at night, the scariest parts are special walkthroughs with lines so kids won’t be too scared.

Cedar Point HalloWeekends 2015 Pumpkin Blaze

Cedar Point 2017 Changes

Today Cedar Point announced their plans for the 2017 season. The main enhancements for 2017 are at the water park and accommodations.

Cedar Point Shores Water Park

For 2017, Soak City Water Park is getting a big upgrade and a new name – Cedar Point Shores Water Park. There will be a new slide tower with 2 new attractions:

  • Point Plummet, a 6 story aqua-drop body slide that has tubes for 4 simultaneous riders
  • Starboard Surge & Portside Plunge – two 5 story tube slides for single or double riders.

They are also adding Lakeside Landing, a family splashground with 12 kid-sized slides and a zero entry pool.

When combined with the existing water park, the new water park will be 18 acres.

The new Crystal Rock Cafe will offer delicious foods that’s more than just fast food. There will be fresh baked flat breads, salads, grilled chicken, and more.

Basic amenities will also be improved such as new family changing/shower areas, more lounge chairs, more shade, and a new entrance.

We have never visited Soak City, but I definitely want to visit Cedar Point Shores Water Park.

Hotel Breakers

The last two years we have stayed at Hotel Breakers in September for Bloggy Conference and will be there again next month. The hotel was newly renovated for the 2015 season. My daughter loved the photo of Gate Keeper incorporated into her headboard last year. We definitely loved the new modern decor of the hotel and the location can’t be beat.

Cedar Point HalloWeekends 2015 Hotel Breakers Gatekeeper Bed

Starting in September, they will be breaking ground on a new tower for Hotel Breakers that is scheduled to open for the 2018 season. There will be 158 new rooms including connecting family suites. They will also be adding a new outdoor pool.

When you stay at one of the Cedar Point properties in 2017, you can purchase discounted admission to Cedar Point that also includes admission to Cedar Point Shores Water Park (while they are operating).

Cedar Point Express

As part of it’s renovation and expansion for the 2017 season, the existing Breakers Express hotel will be renamed Cedar Point Express. There will be 69 new rooms, a new splash pad and outdoor courtyard. Existing rooms will receive new bathrooms, new bedding, mini-fridges, microwaves, and connecting family suites.

When you stay at one of the Cedar Point properties in 2017, you can purchase discounted admission to Cedar Point that also includes admission to Cedar Point Shores Water Park (while they are operating).

Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center

Cedar Point has previously announced Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center where they will be able to host sports tournaments. In addition to the quality sports fields, there will be on-site entertainment like a rope course, mini-golf, trampolines, and more. The Sports Center will be located on the shores of Lake Erie (on the mainland instead of an island)

Disappointment on Changes

Recently, they announced that Mean Streak will be closing in mid-September. My daughter was hoping that there would be a new coaster in it’s place, so she’s disappointed that there is no new coaster for next year. I haven’t seen a new map for Cedar Point Shores Water Park, so I’m not sure if they’ll be expanding into the Mean Streak location. If not, maybe there will be a new coaster announced for 2018.


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