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Brick Bash 2014 Review

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After a one-year hiatus in 2013, Brick Bash returned to Ann Arbor yesterday reincarnated as a fundraiser for the Skyline High School Band and relocated from Washtenaw Community College to Skyline High School. The event ran from 11a-6p. My daughter and I arrived around 2:15p and stayed through 4:40p with my husband joining us around 3:45p.

Brick Bash

As an attendee, the event went well and I am hoping that it was a successful fundraiser for the band. The two major changes were in the venue and the introduction of an admission fee.

The venue was definitely an improvement as it felt much more spacious and I don’t feel like there was less to see. Additionally, the high ceiling helped improve air flow and lower the noise level. In past years, the event room was quite warm and loud. If anything, there may have been more activities than in previous years. There was also the addition of concessions (both pizza and snacks).

The $5 admission fee ($20 max for families) was a very reasonable price for a fun afternoon and to help support the band. We are happy to have the event back that it is worth the admission fee. The band also provided entertainment with a drum line performance at 2p. Unfortunately we arrived as the performance was ending.


As we entered the event space, there was an amazing display inspired by the Detroit Zoo. They did a great job on the water tower, animal enclosures, aquarium, and more.

Of course, my daughter then got sucked into the vendor tables but after plenty of time to browse she was willing to leave without a purchase. We are planning a trip to Legoland soon, so she is saving her money to buy stuff there.

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She was impressed by the other displays including the Lord of the Rings displays. She is ready to start building her LEGO Lord of the Rings and Hobbit sets that she received for Christmas and her birthday.

The mosaics were pretty amazing, but our favorite was this one of Tigger:

or is it Eeyore & Piglet

Yes, that is the same mosaic viewed from different angles. Truly amazing.

She spent quite awhile building a pyramid. She loves free building at events like this, but rarely does it at home. After being inspired yesterday, she has spread out our LEGOs at home for free building today. 

The last activity that we did before leaving was heading to the theater for showings of LEGO Stop Motion Animation. They were showings episodes of Nightly News at Nine.

Thank you to Skyline High School, the Brick Bash staff, and the vendors/exhibitors for such a great event. We are looking forward to next year’s event.

Don’t want to wait until next year, check out this information on LEGO KidsFest at Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi next month.

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