Ann Arbor Jaycees Carnival 2015 Midway

Ann Arbor Jaycees Carnival 2015 Review

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The 64th Ann Arbor Jaycees Carnival started tonight at Pioneer High School. My daughter and I visited the carnival tonight. Since tomorrow night’s weather forecast is not promising and the ride wristbands were less expensive on Wednesday and Thursday ($22) than on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

My daughter had a ton of fun at the Carnival. She loves Thrill Rides and had trouble deciding which ride to go on first. She definitely got her money’s worth out of the wristband. However I don’t recommend this year’s Ann Arbor Jaycees Carnival for everyone. While there were a lot of Thrill Rides and a few Tot Rides, there were not a lot of options for older kids who don’t like the thrill rides. if your child is too big for the tot rides and doesn’t like the thrill rides, it may be worth skipping the Carnival this year.

Ann Arbor Jaycees Carnival 2015 Midway

This is the first year that Skerbeck Entertainment was providing the amusements at the Jaycees Carnival. The Carnival definitely has less to offer this year than in years past. While the footprint has stayed the same, there are less rides, games, and food vendors. We were here for the rides and as a thrill seeker, my daughter had a blast. Most of the rides are thrill rides. There are also a handful of tot rides. There are not many rides for older kids who don’t like the thrill rides.


Tot Rides:

  • Jungle Explorer (like a train)
  • Train
  • Carousel
  • Motorcycle
  • Mini scrambler

In between rides

  • Mystery Mansion
  • Swings
  • Tilt-a-Whirl
  • Scrambler
  • Scooter (bumper cars)

Ann Arbor Jaycees Carnival Swings

Thrill rides

  • Arctic Bobs
  • Zipper
  • Cliffhanger
  • Twin Flip
  • Twister
  • Spider

Ann Arbor Jaycees Carnival Spider

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