Ann Arbor Grocery Hours Plus Pickup & Delivery Options

Ann Arbor Grocery Store Hours & Options

Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, and other food shopping are exempt from Governor Whitmer’s Stay At Home Order. However, many are operating on alternate schedules. Check out our list of Ann Arbor Grocery Store Hours along with pickup and delivery options.

Initially, I planned an article on Ann Arbor Grocery Delivery and Pickup Options. Unfortunately, while it sounds like a great idea, the grocery stores are largely overwhelmed with requests and it is not always a viable option. I have tried repeatedly to get an order in at Meijer, but have not found any pickup or delivery times. Two weeks ago we did GFS. Today we are waiting on a Busch’s Curbside pickup. They are running a few hours behind schedule.

Note, information below is subject to change. Please, verify with each store individually as hours and policies are subject to change. Links are provided in the expandable blocks. Information was last verified the weekend of April 3-5.

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Ann Arbor Grocery Store Hours and Pickup/Delivery Options

With COVID-19 causing an increase in grocery demand and potential for exposure, many local grocery stores have decreased their hours. These decreased hours allow them to increase cleaning protocols and stocking efforts.

Many grocery stores have closed self serve areas and may even limit the interactions at the deli and meat counters by pre-packaging items.


Full Service Groceries


Specialty Market

Ann Arbor has a wonderful selection of smaller specialty markets that offer additional grocery items.



Big Box Stores

Bulk Shopping

With most families home all day, shopping in bulk is a great option. Check out the updates at Costco, Sam’s Club, and more.



Other Options

With the current social isolation, several local restaurants (or places most people primarily think of as restaurants) are adding or increasing grocery options.

Other Resources

The Ann Arbor Farmers Market provided a list of how you can contact their typical vendors and find their products.

Plus, don’t miss our article on Food Resources While School is Closed.

Ann Arbor School Lunches During COVID-19 Closures

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