American Girl Tea Party Review

In February, my daughter and several friends attended the American Girl Tea Party at Saline Rec Center. While I did not stay for the event, I received rave reviews from my daughter.

Leading up to the event, my daughter was counting down the days and making plans. She was trying to decide which doll to take with her (she has 4). It quickly came down to wanting to bring her two historical dolls Molly and her British friend Emily from 1944. In the Molly books, the two often have tea parties. She settled on Molly since she looks like Molly and one of her friends was bringing Emily.

The morning of the party she quickly dressed in her “Molly dress” and changed Molly to match. We fixed her hair in “Molly braids” and headed out to the event.

As the event began, parents signed their children in and if they were leaving provided a contact phone number. The girls were given paper to make a name card for themselves and for their doll. Each child had a real china tea cup with saucer and was asked what they wanted to drink – lemonade, hot chocolate, or water. I think my daughter was disappointed that they weren’t actually serving tea.

During the event, they had crafts, hair salon, bingo, and more. She made a pipe cleaner headband for her doll. They also helped her change Molly’s hair from braids to a fancy up-do. When I arrived for pickup, my daughter was calling around the world bingo for a couple of girls.


I was not totally thrilled that they had taken Molly’s braids out and done a hairstyle. Her first doll (Kanani, 2011 Girl of the Year) had very long hair that was hopelessly tangled. When we visited the American Girl Store in Chicago I gladly paid for the hair salon to detangle her hair and put it in fancy braids which we have left in since then. When my daughter bought Molly we decided to leave her hair in braids. I have taken the braids out a few times to redo them when they start to come apart. I have since rebraided Molly’s hair, and no major hair tangles have ensued.

For her, even though she did her own thing at times, I think it helped break the ice that she had several friends attend with her. I thought the event was quite reasonably priced.

She said she had fun. When I questioned if it was a little fun, she insisted it was a lot of fun. We will definitely be keeping our eye out for more fun events at Saline Recreation Center, especially any other American Girl events.

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