AADL’s West Branch – Sneak Peek

AADL’s Westgate Branch has been closed since November for expansion and renovations. Today my daughter and I were at Westgate Shopping Center. As we pulled up, we saw the new sign for the West Branch and the Sweetwaters Cafe that will be inside the branch.

AADL West Branch Renovations - Sign

My daughter and I wandered past the windows to see if we could see the progress. The branch definitely looks close to opening. Not only are the fixtures in place, but they are stocking shelves! I was able to get a few pictures of the inside by placing my phone directly on the glass.

An opening date has yet to be set. The library is looking for adult volunteers to help with projects in late August and early September, so I would estimate opening as mid-September. I will definitely share an opening date once I have one.

The West Branch is in Westgate Shopping Center (2503 Jackson Ave). The branch will have an entrance both from the front and from the rear where there is additional parking.


PS Thank you to both Nicola’s Books and Learning Express for providing free gift-wrapping services! That definitely made our birthday shopping easier.

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